be the best..don’t be afraid to strike out

Hello Loves!
How was your weekend? We enjoyed a marvelous weekend spending time with family and friends.

We enjoyed green waffles and practiced new vegan recipes.
We took time to not worry about the future but enjoy the present moment.


Both of us took the day off from working out and just enjoyed our Sunday.


Michelle’s Sunday recap -
vegan avocado donut breakfast

egg kale salad


I had a wonderful breakfast of bacon, coffee, and no sugar vegan avocado donuts! A new recipe Lori and I are working on based off our vegan savory avocado donuts.

Next I enjoyed lots of cooked kale (cooked in the bacon fat) with 2 eggs…love me runny yolks and coconut oil.

Snacked out kombucha and cacao nibs.


Then spent the afternoon at the ballpark with my parents.  It was cold here, so I dressed in winter clothing not your typical spring training baseball attire! But I am sure glad I had layers plus a blanket!


Enjoyed the Red Sox play the Yankees. Game started off a little slow but then picked up. Congrats to the Yankees for the win.

peter rose-quote

The Red Sox built a new stadium here and took the old score board from the Boston Stadium and put it here. Pretty cool!


vegan bread cake

As soon as I got back from the baseball game I was starving, and Lori texted me a new recipe to try for our vegan english muffin.

Getting closer! I even toasted it…it was very good!

grilled shrimp veggies

skinny hot cocoa

Ended my day with a grilled dinner (also included some leftover cabbage from earlier in the week) that I topped with lots of coconut oil. I enjoyed a second plate too! I love parsnips fries.

And dessert was hot cocoa! As I mentioned it is cold here in south FL and since I was still full from dinner hot cocoa sounded perfect.

Lori’s day:


Breakfast was something fun…avocado donuts! A remake recipe that we are working on to be more individual style.


Later I enjoyed some eggs mixed with greens and turnips. Topped with coconut oil.


Enjoyed some kombucha. I got the multi-green flavor, another favorite of mine.


Gary and I took Jax to the dog park for some play time. One of the dogs at the park was a little rough with Jax. He has a scratch on top of his back now. Always a fear of mine while Jax is playing with other dogs is him getting hurt. He seems fine and I am treating it with some medicine. I am worried mother ;)


Came home to make another attempt at our vegan single serving bread/muffin recipe. It is close! One more try and we think we might have it. Each variation we have been enjoying has been good, but not quite what we are looking for.  Oh the joys of recipe making.


Dinner was grilled mahi mahi with butter lettuce, mushrooms, zucchini and two slices of my vegan broccoli circles (followed breadstick recipe).  All topped with coconut oil and some avocado.


Watched a movie last night and enjoyed some peppermint hot cocoa. Perfect way to end the day.

Overall thoughts:

Good day. I did good on my water intake with getting in about 8 cups, though did enjoy an extra cup of coffee. My digestion felt great all day long. No complaints.  Skin still doing the same, my back is still causing me frustration.

Twins Question: Do you like baseball? Ever been to a spring training baseball game?  

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6 Responses to be the best..don’t be afraid to strike out

  1. Kyra says:

    When will the donut/bagel recipe and English muffin recipe be ready? The suspense is killing me lol :)

  2. nate loves baseball and i just like the energy at the ball park in general. i used to play slow and fast pitch softball :0 have you girls ever tried bulletproof coffee? sounds gross but you put 1-2tbsp of kerrygold in your coffee to melt and blitz it in the vita. comes out creamy/frothy and delish!keeps you full for hours!
    the delicate place recently posted..the hunt & libationsMy Profile

    • purelytwins says:

      we love the feel at ballparks too!
      we have heard of bulletproof coffee, when we try dairy again we will have to give it a go!

  3. Ashley P says:

    I’m looking forward to the vegan english muffin recipe. I cannot wait to try it out myself! :)

  4. Mina says:

    Can’t wait to try out the vegan English muffin when you’ve perfected the recipe. Hoping it will be gluten free!

    Excited to find out you two are baseball fans. I’m out here in the bay area in Cali and I’m a HUGE Giants fan, myself.


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