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Yesterday we did 12 minute full body #plankworkout with a 10 minute hip opening yoga from Tara Stiles.


We both have very tight hips, so this was perfect! We need to do this more –> stretch!

Love the mix of plank and yoga :)



Michelle’s eats from yesterday:

carrot green juice

Post workout meal was fresh green carrot juice.

cabbage eggs

And purple cabbage with eggs and coconut oil.  Don’t you just love how the cabbage turned my eggs green? haha

salmon salad avocado

Lunch was a big salmon salad with avocado and coconut oil.


Mid afternoon snack was testing a vegan version of our little single serving english muffin experiment.  Going to take a few tries to get it bread-like, as this reminds me more of our vegan protein muffins that took us many tries to get.

We love mini vegan cakes! And another favorite vegan snack is our single serving baked thin mint cake!


Look at the size of these portabella mushrooms!!! just beautiful

These mushrooms worked perfectly as “buns” for my grass-fed burgers

spinach cauliflower mash

I made some cauliflower mash but this time added in half a bag of spinach.

The perfect side dish and great way to get more greens into the diet. Apparently I like making cauliflower mashes for side dishes like cauliflower leek or  sweet potato cauliflower mash.

kombucha vodka cocktail

Enjoyed a kombucha cocktail this time with potato vodka not tequila.

mushroom burger

Dinner was just perfect for me.

A plate full of spinach, cauliflower spinach mash, olive oil, mushroom, and a homemade burger.

I had a great day yesterday in regards to energy, digestion, and bathroom success.  I snacked on a lot of marshmallows :)

Lori’s recap:



Like Michelle started my day with juice and marshmallows!


Plus enjoyed eggs with arugula and coconut oil.  Egg yolks seriously love them as salad dressing!

vegan-broccoli-breadsticks-chiaseeds copy


Lunch was fun! I made up broccoli breadsticks but made them as mini pizza crusts. I got 4 mini crusts out of the recipe.

vegan-broccoli-breadsticks copy

I followed the broccoli breadstick recipe using chia gel instead of an egg.

I think it would of come out better if I dehydrated the crust or baked at a lower temperature for a longer time. I will have to try that here soon to see what happens.


Although they still came out just a little delicate.  I topped my broccoli crust with avocado mashed up with cod, lettuce, carrots and drizzled with coconut oil.


Making progress on single serving english muffin recipe


Dinner was romaine wraps filled with lamb, brussel sprouts, shredded zucchini with a side of cooked spinach and mushrooms, and topped with coconut oil!

Overall thoughts – I had a pretty good day with a bowel movement and steady energy throughout the day. My skin is doing fairly good.

Hope everyone had a great Saturday!

Twins Question: What is your favorite egg-replacement in recipes?

Doing anything fun this weekend? Did you say your morning affirmations?


L and M


  1. Kyra says

    Your meals look so yummy and healthy!!! Please post the English muffin recipe asap! :)

    How did u like the vegan broc breadstick vs the egg one?

    What are the ingredients for the cauli mash…. It look like you added a milk to the blender or something. Is it one serving?

    A request: can u make a page that has all ur gut healing recipes on it? That would be so awesome bc it would give us easy access to all these yummy ideas… Its hard to find them all thru the many posts

    • purelytwins says

      Kyra – thank you. The recipe for the cauliflower mash is linked above – no milk. just cauliflower, spinach salt and pepper. I did a whole head of cauliflower so more than one servings worth. Now for the breadsticks Lori found both ways to be soft, and just found the vegan one more delicate to eat. And for the recipes – they all can be found here – we will have to work on a page.

  2. says

    Yay for experimenting in the kitchen! Especially when things turn out well…I’m looking forward to you sharing the vegan “english muffin” recipe- a single serving would be really useful for me, and I must try the veganized broccoli breadsticks with flax or chia.
    Thanks for sharing that yoga workout too. I’m another one with tight hips.

    P.S Wanted to let you girls know that I finally managed the 5 min plank workout with no stopping today! I was pretty proud of myself. A long way to go to get to 12 though!
    Emma recently posted..Finding Peace in UncertaintyMy Profile

  3. Mandie says

    I’ve just came across your blog about a month ago and totally love the both of you! Like you, I suffer from digestive problems, bloating, gluten problems and annoying skin problems :( I did not think I would be thinking about acne at the age of almost 30! Something that has helped my skin was a honey, baking soda and cinnamon mask that i wear for 15 minutes before I sleep. Then instead of a moisturizer I wear coconut oil on my face every night. I wake up in the morning and my face is soft and refreshed:) My acne scars have slowly been disappearing after 2 weeks of doing this. Works much better than my expensive prescription acne cream! My question is where can I find tara stiles videos? I did the hip opening today and it made me feel so “loose” (in a good way :)

    • purelytwins says

      we love our manuka honey for our face too, your mask sounds great! love the natural stuff over expensive stuff too :) glad you are benefiting from it as well.
      You can buy Tara’s This Is Yoga dvd’s off Amazon.

  4. Celina Toenz says

    I miss your blog when you were raw vegans so it’s nice to see some vegan experiments in the kitchen! Thank you :)

    • purelytwins says

      Kyra, I rinsed them a little with water and then I cooked them in the beef fat a little on each side.

    • purelytwins says

      hahaha I know right that portobello mushroom was huge – bigger than my real burger, too funny xoxo

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