we got nothing



Planked it out yesterday morning.

Did our 12 minute full body plank workout. Forgot what a killer workout that is for the upper body. Love it!

plankworkout Enough said ;)



Lori’s Wednesday:


Enjoying my morning juice. Juice was beets, carrots, kale and cucumber.  Delicious through my glass straw.


Next up was 2 eggs over lots of greens. And a little runny egg yolk porn for ya …so good, and yes I wipe my plate clean. ;)


Enjoyed some coffee while I did some work. Working on some ideas for personal training. I will share more hopefully this Friday.


Lunch was my last bit of liver meatballs with chopped brussel sprouts all in romaine leaves with some coconut oil.


I get the random snack award if there is such a thing, which I am sure by now there probably is. haha

Just like yesterday’s random egg carob puff cake, I did this time: one egg with 1 tbsp mesquite and 1/2 tbsp coconut oil in a skillet. To create a really thin, roll-up pancake. Delicious and fun. Food needs to be fun!


Dinner was sautéed kale, half avocado, parsnips fries and little bit of steamed rutabaga and sautéed cod. Topped with olive oil. Loving cod lately. I get frozen cod from Trader Joes , defrost and then usually sautéed in the skillet. So simple yet so good.

Lori’s recap:

A good day! I had a good bowel movement in the morning. Drank about 11 cups water (not including juice).  I was VERY productive. My energy was good all day long, no complaints. No stomach or skin issues to report other then the news ones mentioned yesterday.

Michelle’s Wednesday eats:

wed eats

M1 – 3 eggs, romaine, swiss chard, carrots and coconut oil plus my morning supplements, and lot of coffee!

M2 – late lunch was brussel sprouts and last bit of liver meatballs

I snacked on lots of marhsmallows and truffles.

After a very long day of packing things up for Raw Threads for Disney Princess Half Marathon Expo we finally got some dinner around 8:30.

maya grill at disney coronado springs

Dinner was out at a nice restaurant at Disney’s Coronado Springs called Maya Grill.

A Mexican restaurant…man was it hard to pass up on some margaritas ;) I enjoyed a nice grilled salmon salad, which they made for me as normally the salad comes plain.  I did not eat the dressing as the little but of avocado and salmon was enough to give flavor to the whole meal.  Love my salmon salads!

Since our group was busy working all day and then we went straight to dinner, I did not take my pre-dinner pills, but did take magnesium before bed. I had two small bowel movements in the morning. Due to a long day of little food and bathroom breaks, my stomach did get bloated and gasy.  I did get about 9-10 cups  water. I had a good day in terms of energy. Went to bed around midnight, so have some long days coming.


Oh instagram we love you ;)

shout outs-group

first shout outs

Thanks girls for all the loving!!!  Seeing you all enjoy our recipes just brings so much joy to us. xoxox

And thanks Cammie, Erin, Chris, Lisa and everyone else for the sweet words and encouragement .   We love you all so much!!

Well, we got nothing else today. Sorry we are a little boring today.

We both are hanging in there. We will be seeing each other later today, so guess that is something :) hehe

Since we have nothing today in terms of not much to talk about, guess having a little mind blank.  We will allow you guys to share your thoughts as we LOVE hearing from YOU GUYS!! So don’t be shy!  Share anything that is on your mind.  Give links, ideas, thoughts, etc

Do you ever go through periods where you have nothing to say?   Anyone else enjoy a random snack lately?

till next time,



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24 Responses to we got nothing

  1. Michelle says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog EVERYDAY!! It is such a habit no matter how little time I have I always make sure to read it lol. I have been loving the asian type flavours lately especially seaweed! Yumm!Do you know of any online websites that ship organic meat to Canada?? I have a hard time finding what I want up here. I am interested in trying your liver meatballs :) and I totally agree with when in doubt plank it out!! Such an amazing workout! Love you girls!!

    • purelytwins says:

      awe thanks Michelle!! love ya girl!!!
      not sure about international online places for meats, we will do some research and see what we can find :)

  2. My biggest problem is that I have too much to say and that leads me to saying nothing at all! I can’t believe Disney is almost here! My client is heading there tomorrow! Good luck there! I know you all are going to have a blast!
    Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) recently posted..Tagatose Sweetened Gluten and Dairy Free Banana Muffins!My Profile

  3. Funny–I just posted about eggs on a salad too! Do you call the runny-yolked eggs “dippy” eggs like I do? :)
    Michelle @ Eat Move Balance recently posted..Dippy Egg SaladMy Profile

    • purelytwins says:

      yep, well we sometimes we just separate the yolk from the egg whites and leave them raw like that, and then sometimes we cook them like sunny side up :) either way so good!

  4. Chris says:

    You grow the most in silence!

    Love 12 minute plank workout!!! And your “remember to smile” line ALWAYS makes me smile :) Thanks for the TLC. What I love about your videos is that you speak the truth: when you say it’s almost over, it is; the realistic nature helps hold everything out!

    Have you ever considered Tropical Traditions meats? I am looking into it and like that the feed does not include soy.

    Still trying very hard to find an egg free, grain free, sugar free pancake recipe…craving pancakes :)

    Loving sugar-free marshmallows every day, throughout the day! I am really interested in exploring the gelatin as a main ingredient in other recipes.

    Wish I could be with you for the Raw Threads expo and Disney Half Marathon!

    • purelytwins says:

      oh Chris thanks :) this made our night!!! We have looked into Tropical Traditions meats, have not tried them yet but maybe one day.

  5. I love the “random snack award.” Haha! And Michelle, you deserve an award for passing up a margarita at dinner. :)
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..Doing New Things and Freaking Out Co-WorkersMy Profile

  6. Lisa says:

    You ladies are doing amazing:) Keep it up loves! xo

  7. amanda j says:

    sooo excited that you’re reunited! I ditto the sentiment above from Michelle in that I love reading your blog daily – always brightens my day a little and helps me stay positive whenever times feel tough. by the way, just pinned the liver meatballs – I’m going to go for it! haha…those and need to try marshmallows again (thinking carob peppermint??? – yummy!)

  8. Kyra says:

    Are u still doing coconut oil in the green juice? How is the beet working out now that u peel it?

  9. My son was excited to see our marshmallow pic on your blog as he peered over my shoulder while I read your post!
    Deanna@healthyleanfit recently posted..Day #25- I lost my jive! (but it WILL return! WHAT you think makes a huge difference! & a “pesto recipe”)My Profile

  10. McKel says:

    Love the thin mint pancake idea! Looks so yummy, I’ll be giving this one a try :)

  11. Debyi says:

    Thanks for all your plank workouts! I got my husband doing them with me now too :)

  12. You guys sure do eat some crazy looking food ;) Thanks for the great planking tips!
    Nat @ The Apple Diaries recently posted..5 Health Benefits of Ginger: Plus a Healing Ginger Tea RecipeMy Profile

  13. Beth says:

    You can eat raw lettuce and greens? Can you eat other veggies raw such as in salads?

    • purelytwins says:

      Beth from time to time we eat raw greens. We used to eat salads all the time but not much anymore. We juice our greens.

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