the life of a Vizsla

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My mornings start of early — aka- 7am —> yes that is early. Hey, I like my beauty sleep.

This is my typical look in the morning as I watch Lori make food in the kitchen  I just sit there and stare thinking why am I up?


After the morning stares I usually take a little nap, hey told you I like my beauty sleep.

After resting a little bit more I usually start to  get the urge to play.  Sometimes I move around my pillows and blankets into the other room. Yep that is how I role.  (I usually do this to get Lori’s attention so she stops what he is doing and plays with me).


After playing around I came back to where Lori is sitting and begin to stare at her again, anything to get her attention. I usually give her a handshake and then begin jumping up on her — >this really gets her attention.

I love sitting with her in the chair. Always room for two, right?


Don’t you just love my face expressions? — wait, don’t answer that.

I do my best to keep quiet and not bother her, but that does not usually last very long.


What I like to do every single morning, sit in the chair as I watch Lori make breakfast. *sorry for the messy dining room, I blame Lori hehe


I usually take another later afternoon snooze, you know to let Lori get some work done before the real crazy Jax comes out to play.

Here are some more highlight moments of ME :)


Even when I am doing something I shouldn’t or half asleep – every look has to be dramatic ;)


Well, hello there. How are you doing?



  1. Erin says

    Jax is so adorable! I am a sucker for dogs. Needless to say, the two we have are completely spoiled. I am so glad they are furry babies that never have to grow up and leave home. And snuggles with them are the best! :-)

  2. Amanda says

    I am in love with Jax. Have you had an issue with separation anxiety? I’d love a vizsla but have dealt with that issue in two mixes and would love to have a dog not plagued with it!

  3. says

    I love the pic after the words:”I love sitting with her in the chair. Always room for two, right?”

    He looked a little sad, a little cool.

    I have really happy since i got my own Vizsla too, Brandy, 8 month ago.
    vizsla recently to breed a happy vizslaMy Profile

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