No excuses. Dream big. Self-esteem.

Before I can begin, I recommend reading this amazing real post. Lori and I adore Kelly, and this post just made us love her even more.

She is real. She gets things done. She is funny. She makes no excuses. Well, she is just an AMAZING person and someone I (and Lori) look up to as a role model.

The one thing that stuck out to me from her post was – YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK! You have to start somewhere.

We all got problems. We all got stress. We are all trying to live our best life. We are all trying to be good people. We are all trying to look and feel our best. We are all JUST TRYING to be ourselves everyday the best we can.

Life is full of not-so-perfect things. Life gets complicated. Life gets hard. Life gets annoying. Life gets sad. But everyday we get the choice to chose how we will live! How we will face the day.

Being self employed I work EVERYDAY…ALL DAY LONG. Just as Kelly mentions she does too. I am not hear to make an excuse, as I chose to be self-employed.  I know every month it is a gamble of how much I will make. I know I cannot have the clothes I desire or things I want…yes there are some things I do splurge on. But I have learned to live with less.


Like Kelly, I am making things happen. I am working my butt off. I am reaching for my dreams. I am seeing the positive in life.  And to quote Kelly Olexa, ” Stop comparing yourself and your situation to others. You want something BETTER for yourself? WORK FOR IT. MAKE IT HAPPEN BECAUSE NO ONE WILL DO IT FOR YOU….DO THE BEST THAT YOU CAN AND NEVER GIVE UP. You’ll get there. ”

Whatever obstacle you are facing, remember YOU CAN DO IT! Never give up!

Another great posts comes from the sweet Meg!


Self-confidence is a big issue for me. One reason why I started this finding me series…hoping to gain it back! Each day I feel better about life. Trusting in the bigger picture.

There will always be people out there that might try to bring you down -say mean things without even really knowing you. Being a blogger and active in social media I get hit with a lot of stuff, some things good and some unpleasant things.



But we have to rise above the negative people, right?

We have to believe there is good in the world. We have to find where we fit in this crazy world. We have to show others love even though they bring hate.



I can only pray for those people that feel they have the right to say anything bad about anyone. And just let it go!

I am the only one who can lower my self-esteem. I will not let others bring me down. Learning to let go of what others think of me…it is a daily struggle I am sure for many of us.

As I me…no one else.


Twins Question: How do you deal with negativity? How do you overcome obstacles in your life? How do you raise your self-esteem? 

till next time,




  1. says

    beautiful post and thank you for yet another shout out! My sisters are THE BEST <3

    I really don't think of myself as being a negative person, but that's not saying I am never presented with negativity. I just always remember that life is better when you think positively. Even if a situation is causing you negative feelings, it is possible to change it around with positive thoughts!!
    Meg recently posted..High Five Friday #44My Profile

  2. says

    SUCH a fabulous post. I think being self employed is truly amazing. Definitely a lot of work. I have mad respect for both of you!! I am going to check out Kelly’s post now

  3. Georgia says

    Just what I needed to read, thank you!
    When I’m faced with negativity I take a step back from the person who’s throwing it at me and see there insecurity and realise that it’s actually their s#*t, not mine!
    Then I go for a walk or do some traing in the studio and my thoughts start to come back to me and what I really want to do :-)

  4. says

    What an amazing blog! I constantly struggle with self-esteem, but I have been getting better as I work to improve myself and my self image. This post is inspiring me to keep going and keep looking at all the positives leaving the negative to those that choose to focus on it. Thanks

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