We did it! Our first ebook cookbook is here!

After months of picking the right recipes we finally are ready to share our top favorites.  We are already planning to do more ebooks!

Many weeks of testing all the recipes (some we did a few times), setting up the scenes to photograph them, cleaned up all the dishes, did all the photo editing and typing up recipes. Then the final days were filled with placing, designing, editing, correcting, moving, cutting,  adding, changing, etc. From start to finish we did it all!! So thank you for everyone’s patience with us!

It is here! Just in time for the holidays! This will make a great Christmas gift for anyone, new or familiar to gluten-free, or even vegan or raw foods. We share tips for each recipe!

Our first e-book is available!  You can download a PDF copy here. (You can also find the link on our sidebar for you to purchase). 22 gluten-free vegan recipes for ONLY $6.99!
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This cookbook is a collection of 22 of our favorite classic recipes including some we used to make and sell at our bakery. So for those of you who loved our biscotti, truffles, carrot cake (our favorite) and scones you are in luck!  We have never shared these recipes before,  but we wanted to give back to everyone that supported our bakery over the years.  Sharing these recipes are our way of saying thank you and now you can enjoy some of your favorites again!

Trust us once you make our cardamom almond biscotti or chocolate truffles you will want to make them all the time :)

Even our top baked donut recipe is in there!

All of our recipes are free of gluten, dairy, eggs, and soy, with some grain and sugar free too! There is a mix of raw and baked goods as we love both worlds.

We have tested our PDF  and it works on the iphone and ipad, but we are working on getting it on other formats for those that have kindles, nooks, ipads. It will be up for purchase on ibookstore and amazon in a few weeks. Sorry for the delay on those other platforms. We had some issues with getting everything in the right format since you had to have an ePub file. After spending all day yesterday trying to get it to work with the tools we had, we decided to go through a third party company (BookBaby) to help us get our ebook on all those other platforms. They said it could take about 10 days to make that all happen. In addition we are still working on a printed copy (soft covered book) of it as well, we will let you know when that is available.

But in the meantime, if you want to go ahead and get your copy now. Click add to cart.Add to Cart

As we mentioned you can download and view the PDF on digital platforms, but if you want to wait we will announce when it is available on ibookstore, amazon, and more digital stores. Thanks for understanding! There is a lot of behind the scenes things that have to be bought and done before selling on those stores.

We sure have learned a lot during this process that hopefully future books will be quicker to turn around. We wanted to make sure we got this one right, being our first ebook cookbook. We want EVERYONE ANYWHERE to be able to have our beloved  gluten-free vegan recipes!

If you have any issues with your copy please contact us at purelytwins@gmail.com

Thank you for your support!

Get your Purely Classic Recipes Cookbook here 

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Lori and Michelle




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  1. says

    Yeah! I’m doing your recepies all the time since a few weeks (I have a “one protein muffin” in the oven right now!) and I really enjoy your website. You are a motivation for me: fitness and recepies. I’m obviously going to buy your book. Congradulations :)

  2. Chris M. says

    I’m so excited for the two of you! Just ordered one. Looking forward to baking this weekend! Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Julia says

    Hey. I’ve been following your blog for more than one year and i love it!. All your recipes are simple and tasty! Most of the ingredients are easy to find, what is really important especially for people like me that don’t live in the USA. I just bought your ebook and it looks fantastic.Congratulations!! Tomorrow I will be in the kitchen!!:)

  4. Helen Thompson says

    Everything always looks so good. I’m looking forward to making the recipes not only to enjoy so many foods again, but also to improve my digestive issues. You both are a blessing from God!

  5. Sasha says


    I just purchased your e-book and am eager to try out the recipes.
    A clarification:
    page 7 which talks about key baking ingredients has a note on buttermilk.
    “We use canned coconut milk (…) and add 2-3 tablespoons for 2 cups.”

    Did you mean 2-3 tablespoons of a vinegar?


  6. Jeni says

    I’m so excited. I make practically all the recipes you put out there so this perfect! I’m going to get it as a lil present to myself :)

  7. says

    Hi girls! I just got my copy of the cookbook and really like it!! Thanks for sharing your amazing recipes with us :-)
    I can’t wait to try many of the recipes in the cookbook, especially the chocolate truffles, those are definitely going to be made soon, they look incredible!
    Awesome job on the book, I really enjoy your recipes!

    • purelytwins says

      Jubilant not in this cookbook, we share some of our other things from the bakery. We are working on a more savory one.

  8. says

    Congrats on the cookbook! AMAZING accomplishment and you guys totally deserve it! My neighbor is diabetic and is always asking me for gluten free recipes so this is something I’ll definitely have to pass along to her. Congrats again :)
    maria @ lift love life recently posted..Weekend MemoriesMy Profile

  9. Jennifer says

    I have to ask, is the raw mint truffle recipe included b/c that was my very favorite thing you guys made and I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to make it on my own these last few months.


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