trip across country continued

picking up where I left off from my journey to Disneyland

Day 2 of Disneyland half marathon expo started earlier, so no workout.

I enjoyed plenty of spotted bananas! my fav

plus snacked on apples and protein muffins

my day 2 outfit – Black Tink shirt (has wings on the back) and black skirt

And lucky for me there was a Starbucks at our hotel!

We were super busy all day (which is a good thing), so I was not able to take pictures besides this one as we were finally packed up.

Last day of expos is normally the same day you have to pack up, so makes for a very long day! Can be 10+ hours standing all day.

Thank goodness for drinks, dinner, and dessert haha

We got to hang out with the Run Disney crew and the cheering squad at the finish line.

I have never really watched everyone run across the finish line before, quite an experience…to see people’s faces as they know they just accomplished a huge milestone!!

We got to see the last runner cross! Amazing, it was very emotional. Everyone cheering on their feet. So inspiring too!

After chatting and saying goodbye I was off to the airport.

As much as I love grazing on fruit all morning, I was starving and was nervous what food I could find at the airport. But lucky for me, California has everything…coconut water at an airport!! yes please. and my Instagram friends informed me that even gas stations carry it (just might be enough to get me to move out west)

The lady that prepared my food was so sweet, since I did not get the bread and cheese she gave me more eggs and veggies!

Perfect way to start my long journey back to the east coast.

And I will admit I do sometimes use the excuse “well I am traveling, I can eat whatever and then get back on track once home,” so I was perfectly fine with eating a banana and a whole chocolate bar for dinner…no judging please ;)

Well thanks for letting me share my road adventure to CA!

I got a lot of traveling here to come with Raw Threads.

Do like watching races? Do you stay and watch the last people cross the finish line or do you like to see the first group of people finish? What is your favorite thing about traveling?

till next time,



Michelle Corso

4 Responses to trip across country continued

  1. Martinis always make a long day better ;) I definitely would love it if airports down south had coconut water to grab!
    Natalie @ FreshLifeFindings recently posted..Pumpkin, Cauliflower & Quinoa, Oh My WIAWMy Profile

  2. Looks like you had a blast girl! I’ll admit to eating many an airport dark chocolate bar while passing through ;) Hey, gotta do what you gotta do! Trail mix and chocolate works like a charm for traveling.
    Heather @ Sweetly Raw recently posted..Coconut Lucuma Chocolate Swirl and a Tasty ReviewMy Profile

  3. Glad to see your travels went smoothly!

    I’ve only stuck around at races to watch the rest of the folks cross the finish line a handful of times. It’s always so encouraging to see their faces light up when those final strides are taken!
    Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..Blue Skies, Blue WaterMy Profile

  4. Kaila says:

    I love California airports. I just moved out here, and the fact that everyone is so health-conscious makes it easier to travel.

    I recently flew out of Chicago around breakfast time, and when I asked if I could substitute bacon for the toast, hash browns, AND veggies (since I was doing an autoimmune elimination and couldn’t eat nightshades like peppers), and they refused to make an exception OR charge me less for 3 plain scrambled eggs. (Seriously, $15 for an egg platter that I couldn’t eat.) Ridiculous.

    Glad you had a great trip!

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