working at Disneyland

Hello luvs, I am finally getting around to sharing my time at Disneyland working with Raw Threads.

After traveling all day Wednesday, I was eager to move the body. And the Marriott had a beautiful hotel gym. It was pretty packed for early in the morning, but I managed to find a little spot to do my #plankworkout.  I think everyone in there was wondering what the hell I was doing, LOL

When I travel I try to keep my meals simple and light, and I bring what I can and then make do with what is around.

Thank goodness for travel size perfect fit protein packets!

Putting up the booth takes many hours, so makes for a long day.

Always fun to see what an expo looks beforehand.

I took lots of breaks ;) Love my shoes!

Other vendors slowly started showing up. We see a lot of the same people, so it is like we are a little family.

Of course I went shopping for some new things, love this Tri Mock Turtleneck  (comes in pink too!)

Booth coming along nicely.

We went out to dinner with a few other vendors that are friends to celebrate my sister Jen’s birthday!

Found a new cocktail love – SIDECAR! But made with spiced rum!  oh ya baby

Friday was day 1 for the Disneyland Half Marathon Expo…and we were fueled and ready!

 I failed at taking pictures, although I did better than last year.

I did my best when I could, and when I remembered…I will be back with more pictures later.

Michelle Corso

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  1. Looks like a great expo! I love when races/events have great expos–and I’m able to grab a few fun finds. And aren’t sidecars tasty? I’ve only ever had one–my husband ordered it–and it was really good. :)

  2. Looks like so much fun! Love that track jacket, babe.

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