Ever since this past Friday my fence project has taken over my life. Literally.

All I do is work outside on the fence with help from Gary of course. Over the weekend we had extra help from his dad and now since Michelle is back in town she is helping out too.

This fence project has turned into a huge undertaking. Very time consuming since we have ran into issues at just about every point along the way. I do plan on sharing more details of how we are building our fence. Stay tuned for that how to post as it is still in progress.

Building this fence as been my workout for these past 5 days.

Michelle and I did do our new #plankworkout (we are still working on a new video for this) on Wednesday and Thursday of last week along with about 30 push-ups each day. But then both of us got extremely busy and exhausted that we did not have the energy nor time to do our typical workouts.

had about 50 holes to dig

We are still working on the fence as we did not finish it on Monday. As each post, and now the wood panels, have presented many obstacles, and plus Gary is now back at work during the day. Therefore, we only have early mornings or late evenings (plus battling the rain) to do any work on the fence.

All of us are extremely exhausted…to say the least.

Our bodies are getting a little worn out from standing for long hours outside in the heat along with lifting heavy things.  Manual labor we are not used to doing everyday.  I knew this fence was going to take some time but to be honest I did not think it would be this time consuming nor tiring. But each post we are getting better!!

At the end of each day we all sit there and look at what we have built. It is an amazing feeling.


Gary putting in the concrete, which each bag of concrete weighted about 50 lbs. So yay those were fun to carry to each post.

One side of the fence almost complete, just have 3 more sides to go.

Still more fence to put up. We will get there ;)

till next time,



PS: sorry Michelle and I have been a little MIA these past few days. As you can see this fence and other projects have taken our time.


  1. Jessica LeBoeuf says

    I can definitely agree with you yard work is very tiring!! It’s a hard workout…it really is! If I’m doing yard work and I don’t get to workout that’s no problem because I know I was getting a great strength workout. My mother is constantly doing yardwork…would you believe she enjoys it? She loves mowing the lawn, shoveling, digging, planting, painting and all the handyman or eh hmm handywoman work ;) She’s put up many fences in her time, maybe she can help you haha. Don’t worry that’s it’s taking longer than you thought, it WILL get done and when it is you will be so happy with the results. You can celebrate with a yummy raw dessert :P You are both so lucky to have each other to make team work really happen! Hope all goes well with the house projects :)

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