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Hello friends!

We have been doing a new plank workout lately. Actually, we have been doing it for about 3 weeks now. And we are loving it.

We felt we needed to change up our basic 5 minutes plank holding to incorporate more exercises during those 5 minutes. Plus this way it helps pass the time. ;) 


Our new plank workout is still 5 minutes long but we do it in intervals using our  Gymboss Interval Timer.

During our first plank workout (we plan to create more), we  have been setting our Gymboss Interval Timer for  30/30 second intervals  for 5 rounds, equaling 5 minutes. Again if you can’t do the 5 minutes, then please adjust your intervals for your fitness level.

We were discussing how we would like to add this new plank workout for all of you to join in with us! So we created this button for you to share on your site. We wanted you to be able to share it with others to encourage more people to move their bodies and perhaps even give plank a try!

**If you decided to join us, which we hope you do, please grab the code to paste on your site off our widget.

What do you think? Do you like the idea?

We do!

Let us know if you are going to participate in it. We would love for you to send pictures so we can share here on the blog to continue to encourage others! That way we all can do it together!

We also did a video yesterday showing how we do our 5 minute plank workout. Each 30 seconds we do a different exercise, in the video we explain and show more. Check it out when you have time.



Lori and Michelle

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  1. Chelsea says

    Because of you girls, I am up to a 2 minute plank! Thank you! And now, I’m addicted to protein thin mints, too. Thank you? :-)

  2. Megan says

    This is great! I’m still working on getting to the 5 minute plank (at 3 minutes!) but this is an awesome variation. I will definitely do this. Thanks ladies!

  3. says

    A few weeks ago, I was able to go to 7.5 minutes with plank. I love the mixing up of the movements and more body and muscle utilization this way. The one thing that keeps me going is saying to myself “I can do this. I am strong and healthy. I am creating beautiful muscles in my body.” Saying Positive body affirmations while working out really makes a difference. Thanks for sharing this combination and will put it to work myself. Great inspirations you two are! :)

  4. Candice says

    Thank you! I love this. I am up to a 3 minute plank after discovering your blog about a month ago. Planked real time with you this morning for the 3 minutes and going for 3:15 starting next week. Switching exercises every 30 sec made it go by fast! Keep the posts coming!

  5. says

    I accept your challenge!! I love my planks, I have a 7 minute one but it has 10 sec rests between each minute. Gotta love a gymboss timer!!

  6. Mer says

    AWESOME workout! Five minutes of planks sounds impossible and not fun at all, but the way you guys mix it up here makes it fly by! And it’s fun! I had to take some breaks, but I’m proud to say I tried all of the variations, and now I feel challenged to keep at it until I can do the whole thing without stopping. I’m really looking forward to the next workout! Thanks, ladies!

  7. Taylor says

    Wow great workout. That was definitely harder than you guys made it look! Had to pause about halfway through but I’m going to work up to the whole 5 min without a break! Thanks :)

  8. Maya says

    Hi Michelle and Lori-

    I just wanted to let you guys know how much I love your fitness inspiration!

    I have been reading your blog for a while, and after seeing how well you guys did, I decided I should do a plank challenge too. I started in mid-May with barely over a minute, and this weekend (both yesterday and today) I finally made it to 5 minutes!

    I can’t even tell you how wonderful it feels, and how proud I am. And I have your idea (and your motivational words) to thank :)

  9. Hailey says

    I loved this workout! It felt so fast and made me feel so strong! Hoping to do this more after cardio workouts because I can seem to hold in my abs instead of pushing them out.

  10. says

    Hey ladies…..I tried the bridge you mentioned after the plankworkout for 2 minutes also!!! Brilliant addition and totally loving this workout and the fast muscle tone it’s Producing!!! Btw, also doing the body chin ups (using our dinning room table lol) but added alternate leg lifts at the same time….20 of these each day :0)
    Just wanted to say Merci!!

    • purelytwins says

      AWESOME!!! thank you for sharing your progress picture with us on instagram!! so happy for you, and yes we are loving bridge too

  11. says

    Awesome! I just found the challenge & am going to begin tonight! I am putting a brand new blog together & will definitely be adding the Plank Challenge Button as soon as I figure out where I want it to go :)

  12. Stephanie says

    You ladies are so strong! Thanks for sharing this workout! I’ve been doing it but with lots of breaks :) My goal is 5 minutes :D

  13. says

    Another core exercise is the abduction exercise that is highly recommended and superb for the outer thighs and hips. This is where one must be on the surface sideways on the floor with a leg atop the other. Use the hands to balance yourself and lift one of the outer legs forming an angle of 45 degrees. The position must be maintained for around two seconds and later the leg must be lowered in a way that returns it to its original posture. The movement should be repeated around ten or so times followed by a roll over towards another side for the same.

  14. Trisha says

    So.. My boyfriend is a high school varsity girls soccer coach and asked me to join him at a practice. I asked if I could do a challenge with them ( as on their team they rack up points for winning challenges) .. So I used the 5 min plank workout to start practice ( on wet grass even) . It was great! The girls were screaming! Ha ha. The winner lasted about 4 minutes … they all had a great time with it!

  15. Andrea says

    Ok. After seeing your awesome (but childless!) abs on Instagram every morning, I finally looked up your plank workouts. I tried this one first and my abs are burning! Going to keep at it and hopefully I’ll be able to do the whole 5 minutes soon. I’d like to lose the last little bit of my baby tummy :)


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