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hello luvs,

we want to thank you all for all the sweet love and support from our thoughts on finding the right diet. we are so pleased to hear that we are not the only ones continually looking for the right balance of foods that work for our bodies. sounds like many of you are still trying to figure it all out as well. so we can all do it together! we will find what works for us all as individuals!

the other day we were on facebook and came across something that really just inspired us in a weird kind of what. we got this video from the rawbrahs.

we love to stumble upon something that just moves us. you know what we mean? does that happen to you?

well like we said this video really motivated us to make a difference. motivated us that we can do it. we just have to keep working hard.

we love the bigger message this video has to offer. that we are all going to run into different and difficult obstacles in our lives. but telling ourselves that we are going to succeed is possible!

plus these guys do some really crazy stuff. hopefully you get some inspiration and motivation from the video. or least you get some of that from us :)

succeed quote

again seeing that video and for whatever reason really gave us both hope that we are going to succeed! that my face is going to clear up! that we are going to reach our fitness goals! our business is going to continue to grow! that everything will be okay because we are going to continue to work hard.

we also came across some other fun stuff off pinterest that inspires us.



we agree we need to slow down some to remember those special moments in life. but we also agree you have to follow your dreams and make things happen. you need a little balance of both.

with all that motivation we did some wedding things last night. we did some of the little details for the wedding and are trying to figure out how everything is going to play out. also, got my gifts for my bridesmaids thanks to Etsy. plus we worked on a video of pictures of Gary and I’s ten years together. oh all the wonderful memories. Michelle and I did a little shopping yesterday and found dresses for the rehearsal dinner. more things getting checked off my list! it feels great! now I am working on what kind of music I want at the ceremony and at the reception.

though April is going to be one crazy month. we have so much going on. we shall share more on all the changes happening here soon!

Twins Question: what inspired you today? what gives you inspiration to do things? what truly motivates you? is it watching things others do? is it reading something? seeing something?

as you can see we get inspired by things we stumble across that truly makes us just stop and think. motivation for us really comes from within. but we also get a lot of motivation from seeing others do great things, makes us what to do something great too.

and having good food helps motivated us too like our protein brownie cakes.

till next time,




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    such lovely thoughts girls :) and I love videos like that too! so crazy… I get motivated reading/watching, but it’s even BETTER when I take those things and put them into action! So if I read something awesome that I want to start doing, and then get it into my day in some way, I feel like a rock star :)

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    What motivates me is meeting other people who are willing to share they desire in life. Lately, I’ve been coming across so many like-minded folks who want similar things and have many of the same passions. It’s been really uplifting knowing that we aren’t all in this alone, and that there are people to help you on your journey whenever you are paying enough attention to stumble across them! :)
    Sarah @ Serotonin for Breakfast recently posted..Spring in Central ParkMy Profile

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    I am not on pinterest, but I really feel like I’m missing something! I’m trying to stay away from it until I get through my next certification so I can focus. I find so many people to be inspiring. Lately, I’m really enjoying working with my nutrition and fitness clients. They definitely motivate me to learn more and I love how much drive they have. So inspiring!
    Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) recently posted..Finding Happiness…My Profile

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    I don’t have pinterest, but I always enjoy what you find and share from there!

    I think I have a combination of wanting to do my very best for whoever needs my attention at a given moment (not looking at my schedule!) and trying to create a long term goal for myself and making sure that every moment is building toward my success.

    Things are hotting up for your wedding, eh? So excited for you.
    Ela recently posted..Irish Cream Mousse Recipe, Kneeling Moose, Phil AdventuresMy Profile

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    It keeps me motivated watching other people improve on goals or complete them, and I mean people I can relate to. Not like celebrities with tons and tons of money but day to day people, like people on blogs and friends and family members. It motivates me when people express and knowledge other people with their passions and you can see how happy it makes them to inform people on their knowledge. I love all the thoughts you put out into this post, and the quotes! :)
    Lisa recently posted..Baked Almond Coated Kale ChipsMy Profile

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