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well our guests have left and now we are getting back into our routine. it sure was nice to be out and doing things, instead of being on the computer so much. we spent a lot of time this weekend looking at houses. Gary and I  are starting to think and plan for our future and getting a house is the next step for us, besides getting married ;)

as we have been looking at places, one thing that i look forward to most is seeing the KITCHEN!! being a chef. baker. foodie. i spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so i want one that i just love, you know?

well as usual i turn to pinterest for kitchen inspirations, here are some of the latest kitchens i would die to have…

Source: bhg.com via Pure2raw on Pinterest



a lot of the houses we have been looking at have been more older homes, so kitchens are smaller. i am trying not to be picking but would love to have a kitchen with lots of natural light, big, counter space, open feel…and not having that much luck getting all these things. so not sure when i will get my dream kitchen, but a girl can dream!

Twins Question: what do you look for in kitchens? what is the one room you always look forward to seeing when looking at houses? what would your dream kitchen be like?

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    LOVE these kitchens! I have been talking to my husband about plans to spruce up our kitchen. I lucked out we got a big one with lots of natural light, but I would love to redo the breakfast bar and have it feature old barn wood along with big comfy bar stools. Also want to integrate some shelves full of my mason jars & pantry goods to replace some of the old cupboards. Thanks for posting such great photos!!

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    The kitchen is certainly my favorite room of the house! We just moved this summer and I now have a big kitchen with lots of windows and natural light. What a difference compared to a small cramped, dark kitchen before. Even here in the Pacific Northwest, where we have lots of cloudy days, my kitchen is still bright. I LOVE that!
    Happy house (kitchen) hunting!
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    My house was built in 1939 and my stove is not much newer than that, so I dream about a nice kitchen. But, to be honest, if we were in the market , I’d be more concerned about a big open family area and a nice master bath. I’d sell my soul for a master bathroom. (OK, not really, but I’m so tired of sharing with my kids LOL)
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    oh i can relate to this! well not now since we are renting and have a galley kitchen in the city BUT a year ago when we were still living in our very first house! it was a 1950s tiny kitchen and we knocked down a wall and redid the whole thing ourselves! this was the final product (thanks ikea and your 144 boxes later!) http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v355/joydivider21/?action=view&current=4908_541368167244_55302666_32138673_1624124_n.jpg

    if i could do another kitchen i would want poured concrete countertops, cork floor again & white cabinets! i love your inspirations esp the 6th photo!
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    I don’t have a dream kitchen (that whole I don’t cook thing comes into play here) but when we bought our house it was important to me we had a little quiet nook to enjoy

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    Wow, I love that one with the flour drawers and spice racks! Yep me too, always look at the kitchen whenever I go to someone’s house. I’ve always lived in such tiny places so never had a state of the art kitchen, and that’s fine with me, but I keep a look out for lots of counter space and sensible design in terms of what’s next to what in a kitchen, and almost always comment on people’s kitchens when I visit. A good view doesn’t hurt either, and we certainly have that…
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