vegetable quinoa pie

Remember when we made our quinoa baked pie?

quinoa gluten free dinner recipe

well we made a vegetable quinoa baked pie, check out our recipe over at Made by a Girl

gluten free vegetable baked quinoa pie

promise it was recipe you will want to make, it is simple and delicious

for pictures and a step by step guide on how to make this healthy gluten free dinner recipe, check out recipe here

gluten free dinner recipe

for all you quinoa fans out there this recipe is for you!

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    I made a version of your quinoa bake and it was wonderful…I liked it on my salads if I remember’s a bit fuzzy so I will check out the recipe again and well, it’s time to make it I suppose! Have a great day!
    LizAshlee recently posted..Glowing 30-Minute WorkoutMy Profile

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    I’m totally quinobsessed and was running out of new ideas so thanks for this different and welcome way to serve it! Can’t wait to try! Two questions: 1) How long do you think this would last in the refrigerator – still good the next day? and 2) Any suggestions on what to sub for leek and broccoli? I’m thinking garlic for the leek, and maybe spinach or even butternut squash or carrot for the broccoli, but have you tried any other veggies, would the consistency be the same? Merci beaucoup, les soeurs !
    Rebecca recently posted..Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch of Carrots soupMy Profile

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      Rebecca – the quinoa pie would last a few days (4-5 days). Could even freeze some too. In terms of other veggies garlic and spinach would be great. We have not tried other veggies yet, but we plan too. Butternut squash would be wonderful as it would make it more creamy :) thanks for the idea and glad we can help with quinoa ideas!

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