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hello luvs,

now that you know that the twins are spending the holidays in different places and seen Michelle’s latest happenings. it is my turn to highlight my trip so far.

Gary and I got up early and our lovely taxi driver, Michelle, was nice enough to drop us off

gary at charlotte airport

early mornings usually call of a nice cup of java for me and to get the Starbucks red cup.

lori in charlotte airport

I enjoy early morning flights even though you have to get up early. I just like getting to my destination as early as possible.

especially when this little one is waiting for me

my niece Joy , she has gotten so big! enjoying every moment with her.

and Gary is bonding with Bear our sisters dog who just loves Gary.

making gluten free pancakesthen the next morning it was time to make some gluten free pancakes for everyone before the football game and tailgating.

pancakesnothing beats a plate full of pancakes before football right?

Miami dolphins footballdrove over to Miami for a Dolphins football game.

tailgate at miami football gamenothing like drinking some wine at 10 in the morning haha

miami dolphin football gamefootball game time

made it through the game even though it rained (yes Deb the wine helped haha)

besides all the football action I have been enjoying my time with family.

lots of nights are filled with good food and wine.

and desserts

twin cakes bakery raw brownie


mornings have been consisting of this coffee cup and

eating out of a mason jargoat yogurt with spirulina, chia seeds and Udo oil and mesquite powder

been to the store a few times to get ingredients needed for making yummy things

been enjoying walks with the dog

here I am ready to go do some wedding planning, Gary has been a good sport with coming along with me to meetings.

meeting with the florist was a highlight for me, discussing the flowers make the wedding planning all so real now.

pictures via instagram

Twins Question: what do you like to do at tailgates? have you been tailgating before? if not, would you ever? do you cook out or bring already pre-made food? when planning your wedding what was the favorite part in the planning?

anyone else experience google reader issues before? any tips?

till next time,




  1. says

    Yes, I’ve missed your last few posts evidently! I’m in Israel still, sketchy internet, I noticed I’d missed you girls and was surprised you weren’t posting!
    I don’t know what to suggest, but I had problems with my blog going up on facebook automatically for a while, and now they’ve stopped doing that anyway…
    Have a wonderful thanksgiving with your beautiful family!
    Ela recently posted..Taking Over My Grandmother’s Kitchen; Kosher Tribulations; Grandmother’s Okra.My Profile

  2. says

    So glad you got to travel (with Gary) to visit family AND to do fun wedding planning! Looks like fun :)

    I’ve never tailgated…maybe I shouldn’t admit to that?! But, I can say, I’d probably be not noticeable and just drink lots of wine :) We went to a Dolphins game a year ago and it was fun, although about 100 degrees (rain sounds worse—but still fun!).

    My posts take a while to show up in google reader…always like the next day. I haven’t tried to mess with it much—but good luck with your reader problem!
    Happy Thanksgiving :)
    Lisa recently posted..DIY: Nut Butter and Baby Formula (not together!)My Profile

  3. says

    Hi Love! Looks like you are having a wonderful week with your hunny:) enjoy every moment :) wish I was there to join you for a glass if wine :) love u! xo

  4. bitt of raw says

    I had wondered what had happened to you because there weren’t any posts on the reader, then checked here. I will try to subscribe again and see if that helps.

  5. says

    oh no I’ve been missing out on your posts… must catch up now! Hope you can figure out the tech glitches, I know how frustrating that can be. Looks like you’ve been having wonderful family time… happy holidays to you both!

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