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hello friends!

we all know this time of year is full of traveling, hanging with friends and family, and of course lots of eating.

we do our best to stay active while traveling. though we also try not to stress over if we did not get a workout in. but we love to workout. I am home here in south Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday while Michelle is working with Raw Threads this week. for us traveling with our workouts is easy since we do ours at home. it makes traveling easy. plus traveling with my Gymboss Interval Timer is easy to pack which is great.

we even get whoever we are with to join in on our workouts too. for instance our older sister does them with Michelle at the expos they attend to for races. and Gary usually always joins in with me. for me, it is nice to have a workout buddy to help keep you on track.

a quote that Michelle and I came across and just love. because for us staying active and being fit is a way of life. it is a choice that we choose to do and love every minute of our workouts. with anything in life it is about the attitude you have and the motivation to make changes.  for me I do have a little extra motivation to continue to work out hard. find something that helps keep you going!

how true is that quote? don’t we all have that little something special inside us all.

here is how I plan staying active while traveling and during thanksgiving:

  • signed up for a turkey trot this Thursday to do with the family
  • plan to workout in the mornings to make sure I get them in
  • continue to do my HIIT style workouts – short and to the point so I have more time to hang with family
  • mix things up while home i’ll be taking walks with the family and maybe do a little tennis
  • don’t stress over the little things – like these past two days I did not get to workout but I was spending quality time with my family and that is just as important

I know Michelle plans on squeezing in workouts when she can while she is working and traveling.

that being said it is time go workout.

Twins Question: what are your ideas to stay active during the Thanksgiving Holiday? any fun ideas? do you like to do different style workouts while traveling? did any one else sign up for a turkey trot style races?

till next time,





  1. says

    Love the quotes, i’m packing workout clothes and videos for my visit home I am going to just do the best I can and fit in some activity while im visiting family but not stress !!

  2. says

    I’m running a 5K Thanksgiving morning with the boyfriend and his family! Otherwise, I plan to stay on track with eating AND working out throughout the holiday season by remembering that every day is not an excuse to sway from my routine. I don’t travel far for holidays, and an occasional missed workout is okay (as in every season), but otherwise I have no excuses!
    Kaitlyn@TheTieDyeFiles recently posted..Book Review: Comfortably UnawareMy Profile

  3. Jessica LeBoeuf says

    I definitely want to find a thanksgiving race, I just love those 5k races!!! I am working on thanksgiving for 5 hours and soon after have to go to my cousins house so I plan on doing a bodyrock workout. However, when I travel I see if there is a gym in the hotel and if so I will hit that gym, otherwise bodyrock it is. If anything, traveling seems more of a challenge to stay active and fit and I love a challenge.

  4. says

    I just signed up for a turkey trot as well! It’s my first ever running event, and i’m really excited! also, I love love my gym at home, so i’m looking forward to my favorite pilates class there. To stay on track with my eating, i’m telling myself that while there is the option to go all out and eat as much not-so-great stuff as I want, I’m not going to consider this a special occasion. I will eat what I want, and not stress about it, but not go overboard
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  5. says

    I absolutely love that quote too! Being active is like an anchor for all the other goals that I have in life. Everything seems easier when I’m active and fit.

    I’m a huge fan of low-equipmennt workouts like Bodyrock as well. For me, I’ll always bring running shoes whenever I’m on the road. A great way to explore a new city is by foot at a brisk jog :)
    Kat recently posted..Late night runs > HomebrewingMy Profile

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