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so happy to see so many of you enjoying our sugar free applesauce mini cakes! and we loved hearing your responses to what do you prefer. it looks like majority of you all love pumpkin, cinnamon, lime and vanilla. though some did like apples and chocolate.  our favorites are pumpkin, cinnamon, lemon, and chocolate. though apples and lime are close in the running.

today we have another simple smoothie recipe. one recipe that we make sometimes after we workout because it has everything we need to replenish our bodies. the recipe was inspired by our other raspberry fig smoothie.

we have cut back again on our fruit intake and just mainly rely on fruit when traveling and for our post workout smoothies. our bodies really seem to like fruit right after working out, so we plan to keep doing that. this recipe is really simple only has 4 ingredients. and if you are not a cilantro fan please substitute any green of your liking like mint, basil, or parsley.



Pure2raw Recipe: Raspberry Banana Cilantro Smoothie

prep-time: 5 minutes

tools needed: blender

serves 1-2


  • 1 pint of raspberries ( 1 bag of frozen raspberries would work too)
  • 2 bananas (may use frozen to help make it creamier)
  • 1-2 cups water (depending on how thick you like it)
  • large handful of fresh cilantro (or any herb or green of choice)

optional add-ins: hemp seeds, flax seeds, ginger, cinnamon, or a nut butter


place water into blender followed by the bananas, raspberries, and cilantro.

blend till well combined.

pour into a glass cup and enjoy.


simple, replenishing, and refreshing after a sweaty workout.

Twins Question: What is your favorite city to visit? Do you like cruises? If so, do you like relaxing on the boat or getting off the boat to do activities?

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    Yum–I love the green/herby element. Cilantro _and_ mint or basil would be awesome too.

    Not much of a city girl but what a huge question–do you mean in the US, or beyond? Athens is awesome (especially outside of tourist season) and so is Thessaloniki–and you’ve been to Spain and France, so you know how beautiful the cities are there. Edinburgh is pretty awesome too.

    I like San Francisco a lot, especially because it’s not too big. I’ve only spent maybe three days ever in New York, so I’d definitely like to visit there.

    Cruises–I think I’d get stir crazy unless I could get off the boat and explore regularly!
    Are these honeymoon brainstorming ideas?
    Ela recently posted..An Amazing Movie, Raw Gingerbread Success, and That SaladMy Profile

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    Ohmygosh, I’m so envious! Bananas are still at least $3 each here in Australia and a pint of fresh raspberries would cost between $18-24, so this smoothie is utter luxury in Australian terms!!

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    Love the ingredients in your healthy smoothie, I am a great fan of cilantro so will give this a try. I am also experimenting with my food photography so thank you for sharing your information.

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