home sweet home

So happy to see everyone loving our beet donuts with cashew frosting :)

We are home and having fun playing with our niece

She is getting so big….and is WALKING now!!

Today us girls are spending all day dress shopping, but first started with a hearty breakfast

sorry we were having fun playing with our photos this morning

After scones and coffee the bride-to-be is ready to go dress shopping!

We will try to take pics and share them on twitter. Follow along, it should be fun.

be back later



  1. says

    My niece is walking now, too! They are so much fun!! :)

    Can’t wait to hear how the dress shopping goes! I know you can’t post pics of the one you choose, but I’d love to see the “rejects.” Ha ha. Hope you find “the one!!”

  2. says

    Happy dress shopping! Your little niece is getting so big!

    Those photos, you did some crazy weird things, especially that one with the mugs and tablecloth morphing–haven’t seen anything like that before!

  3. says

    You guys are ADORABLE!!! I’m really enjoying your optimistic, cheering blog, along with the gorgeous photography!! :) Always feel a little uplifted after reading. :)

  4. says

    Your niece is so beautiful! Audriana is standing now and walks with us holding her hands.. Walking is next! Scary! Lol!

    Sounds like a great day! You are going to be a beautiful bride!

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