Cilantro apple post workout smoothie

Simple green smoothie recipe made from apples, cilantro and hemp.

We love smoothies.

Smoothies are not for everyone.

We drink smoothies because:

  • we love them
  • easy for us to digest
  • portable meal in a cup

Smoothies are great to have after a workout. They are refreshing and hydrating.

Our simple smoothie recipe:

  • some type of fruit
  • water or a nut milk
  • hemp seeds or a scoop of protein powder
  • little something green (spirulina, basil, mint, cilantro, etc) – for alkalinity

Sometimes we throw in a little chia seeds too.

We like having a little fruit and throw in some healthy fats to help with nutrient absorption.

Apple cilantro post workout smoothie made with hemp seeds. Plant based protein.

Cilantro Apple Post Workout Smoothie:

  • 1 cup nut milk
  • 2 cups water
  • 2-3 apples
  • large handful of fresh cilantro
  • large handful of fresh basil
  • inch of fresh ginger, peeled (this is for flavor, sometimes we do cinnamon)
  • 1/4 cup hemp seeds
  • 1 tbsp green powder (optional)

Blend everything in a blender till creamy!

Serves 2

If you are not a cilantro fan, throw in any fresh herb you like, parsley is another good one.

We really enjoyed this smoothie – loved the flavor of cilantro, basil and ginger together.


If enjoying a smoothie for breakfast or not after a workout we like to use avocado instead of fruit.

Do you like smoothies?


  1. says

    I love smoothies! My fave (I think) is avocado, pineapple and coconut milk…really smooth!

    I don’t know much about comas—but I think they can be different for each person so also really unpredictable. A friend of mine from high school was in a coma and he did come out of it after a while. Sending good vibes to your friend!

  2. says

    oh girls. just thinking about your friends hubby makes me tear up :( i will pray for his healing and that he will come out of it! this sounds like a crazy combo for a smoothie and i hear you either love or hate cilantro! i love it! but some people who lack an enzyme or something it takes like soap instead of that great herby goodness!

  3. Heather says

    Hey ladies! I have been reading your blog for almost a year now. I love seeing the new recipes you come up with….including the smoothies! :) and I have experimented with several of your recipes at home (raw mallomars, macaroons, brownies, cakes, muffins, as well as some of your savory dishes and smoothies) and have been very happy with them all! Thank you for that!

    I have never left a comment on your blog before, but felt I needed to write something after seeing what is happening with your friend. I just wanted you to know that I have a friend that was in a motorcycle accident when he was 19 years old. He had such extensive swelling in his brain that they had to drill to relieve the pressure. He also had chest tubes in both lungs as well as a trach. He was in a coma for 6 months. The point of this story is to tell you that I did not even meet this man until he was 43 years old. He was my co-worker at the hospital I was working at. He is the most amazing, energetic, fun-loving guy I have ever met. He is married, has 2 kids and is very active. The only reason I even knew this had happened to him was because he told me the story and showed me the small scars on his head and chest as “proof” ;) Keep praying! Keep the faith! Stay strong for him. Miracles happen everyday! I will pray for strength and healing for him, as well. Much love to all of you!!

    • says

      Heather wow!!! thank you so much for your amazing comment and thanks for sharing your friends story with us!!!! And yes we will keep praying and having our faith!!! thank you so much!!! and glad you enjoy our recipes :) hugs

  4. says

    I am crazy about smoothies, in fact I’ve just finished one that I had as an afternoon snack! I love green smoothies made really thick and eaten from a bowl with tasty toppings like nut butter sauce or goji berries. I really love the way green smoothies make me feel, I have them almost everyday but find that being able to change up the ingredients with different greens, fruit, superfoods, toppings etc keeps them really interesting :-)

  5. Maaike says

    My prayers go out to your friend’s husband and all those that love him. I had a coworker who was in a terrible motorcycle accident too and suffered severe head trauma and multiple broken bones. My (little, un-medical) understanding of comas is they help the body focus on healing. My coworker was in ICU for a long time and then in a rehab facility to relearn things. He was able to return to work at the 1 year mark, the maximum leave time, otherwise he would have lost his job. He worked successfully as a technician even with short-term memory loss. Thank God for that and the amazing doctors and medical professionals!
    I love smoothies but not the dishes!

  6. Mandy says

    I hope this sad event has a positive outcome, the power of positive affirmations is limitless. My thoughts are with you. A dear friend of the family had a similar experience and apart from some short term memory loss and now getting tired easily you would never know he had gone through so much. He can’t even remember the accident or the short time after it, we now joke that he didn’t suffer as much as everyone else who endured that time not knowing what would happen :)
    My favourite smoothie of the moment is avocado, pear and coconut water with a hint of ginger – smooth and refreshing, yum.

  7. says

    Sending you both and your friends tons of healing and love to move through this. Times like this are so tragic and difficult and yet can put things in perspective and really show you what matters, as I’m sure it has for you.

    Love all green smoothies but savoury would have to be my fave with avocado creamy goodness!

  8. says

    I’m starting to like smoothies more and more! Unfortunately the blender I have at home is *too big* to make a good smoothie for one… but only a few days until I move back to school! Then I can start experimenting.
    One question – is there a good way to used dried figs in smoothies? I love the flavor, but I can’t find fresh ones anywhere near me :-(

    • says

      Rachel in terms of using dried figs, I would soak them overnight or for a few hours. It will not be exactly like using fresh figs, but should help a little.

  9. says

    I like smoothies, but I usually have to eat them with some solid food in order to feel full! My favorite combination is vanilla SunWarrior with almond milk, canned pumpkin and lots of cinnamon. So freaking good!

  10. Jen says

    I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s husband. My mother had a brain injury and was in a coma. It’s crucial that your friend gets into the very best rehab hospital- one that specializes in Traumatic Brain Injury. the quality and quantity of rehab he gets will be a huge difference in his recovery and “regular” rehab facilities don’t have the training and staff to work as effectively w TBI patients. Also, the more your friend can be involved w his therapy, the better. He will get better care if the medical professionals see her investing time and it will also help prepare her for when he comes home.
    I hope this helps, and thank for you for your great website

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