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Happy Monday friends!

Time to start a new week – a new start, a new focus.

My focus is to get back on track with my eats and workouts! What is your focus this week?

I thought today I would share more of how Lori and I enjoy our salads, as we eat them a lot. I know people have said,  “how can you eat a salad everyday?” “Don’t you get bored with them?”

Before I begin I want to mention that I have always loved salads.  For me, I have no problem having a salad everyday. I do not eat salads because “they are healthy” or whatever, I honestly love them. Salads tend to get a lot of bad rap due to they can be boring or can actually add on the pounds.

Well hopefully I can show you that salads do not have to be boring, nor add unwanted pounds.

It is all in how you build your salad :)

There are so many combinations you can do with a salad that being bored is rarely a factor. I have gone through periods where salads do not always agree with me, but I love them too much not to have them daily.

There are NO rules when it comes to eating salads. You do not always need a dressing – avocados do just fine.

Here are some of Lori and I’s favorite ways to enjoy salads. We enjoy salads as a meal with all the fun toppings!!

Enjoy different roasted, steamed, and/or raw veggies. Cutting them and preparing the vegetables differently every time helps gives us variety in flavor and texture.

Sauerkraut or fermented veggies, even pickles are great additions to salads for us.

We love having squash or sweet potatoes too!  Coconut meat is another fun addition.

Zucchini pasta is a must for Lori, she loves it on her salads. Raw lasagna and kelp noodles are more favorites.

Another great salad toppers for us are –  dulse, hemp seeds, sesame seeds,  and nutritional yeast.

We love to use a mix of lettuces too! Romaine, mixed greens, arugula, kale, chard, etc

And for our salad dressing we usually do tahini with lemon or apple cider vinegar, avocados are great too, or even making vegetable dressing, creamy sauces, also salsa verde makes a great dressing.

Other great toppings: lentils, burgers, garbanzo beans, socca, nuts or seeds, and really anything else we think can of.

We love to have fun with our salads!

Some people love salads and some people hate salads. I am happy and proud to say I love them, and Lori does too!

Maybe we are salad snobs…one reason we both do not always enjoy salads at restaurants, never are up to par ;)

Twins Question: What are the must haves on your salad? Do you like salads? What is your favorite salad dressing? Do like salads as meals? Or do you have them as part of your meal?

now need to go focus on my workout

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  1. says

    I LOVE salad too! Definitely eat it every day. I agree that varying the ingredients is fun and keeps salad from being boring! I eat salad for lunch everyday, and sometimes for dinner (or as part of dinner). Kale is my all time favorite green in salad

  2. says

    I absolutely love salads and often eat them as my main meal, in fact I do that most days! Today for lunch I had a huge salad with romaine, carrot, cucumber, yellow pepper, red onion, olives, hemp seeds, avocado and cashew mayo, it was amazing. I completely agree that salads can be so versatile depending on what greens / veggies you use or your choice of dressing. I love salads with tofu and beans as well :-)

  3. says

    i eat a salad every day! on the weekends it’s usually at lunch time but on weekdays i eat that after work because it’s super simple and refreshing! i eat easily 3 cups of greens in my meal salads and i love having hearts of palm, some sort of protein, grilled veggies, lots of fresh herbs, avocado & tomato with pepitas. my fave dressing is just evoo+acv+lemon juice and parsley.

  4. says

    I eat a HUUUUGE salad every day for lunch. My staples are spring greens, kraut (thanks to you two!), tomaotes, mushrooms, cucumbers, and all kinds of roasted veggies. I have been loving roasted eggplant and green beans lately (they are in season and SUPER cheap). I used to be all about the zuccini pasta, but I haven’t busted out the spiralizer in months. Its on the agenda for dinner tonight.

  5. says

    Cant say I “hate” salads, but they were a big part of my eating disorder. They filled me up fast, preventing me to eat anything more to provide enough nutrients. But I know you guys dress and top them right. I have salads often, but I had to get used to eat burgers sans salads underneath. I guess if I were really intuitive, I’d never order a salad again. But I don’t think I’ll ever get to that point.

  6. says

    i love having huge salads for dinner- as my main course. some topping favorites are hemp seeds and walnuts, and i also love chickpeas. massaged kale and avocado salads are my favorite, with tons of added veggies. fresh squeezed lemon juice with pink himalyan salt is one of my fav dressings ;)

  7. says

    I WISH I could love salads all the time. Sometimes I want them, but other times, they are the last thing I want. For example, over the past few months, the thought of eating raw greens (except romaine) sometimes makes me want to gag. I think I’m getting better now, or perhaps I just need to use more dressing, but veggies and I are on a selective relationship right now. ;)

  8. Lauren says

    I ADORE salads. But honestly never thought of using avacado or tahini as a dressing until I started visiting your blog. GREAT idea! Such a nice break from the usual olive oil and ACV :)

  9. says

    I LOVE salads and have at least one a day. I think they’re so versatile that you can never get bored, but you’re right, you have to top them correctly so you’re not hungry 10 minutes later.

    Recently I’ve been all over the mexican inspired salads with lettuce, corn, tomatoes, zucchini, black beans with an avocado dressing or a farmer’s like salad of green beans, kale, beets, tomatoes and corn with an avocado dressing. Ok, maybe I’m just obsessed with avocado dressing right now and will make any salad that tastes good with it ;)

  10. says

    I love salads! It’s amazing how many ways you can dress up a salad :)
    I rarely eat a salad without avocado…and some kind of seeds. I like the idea of adding zucchini noodles!

  11. says

    I love salads as meals! And my family never believes me when I say I never get sick of them. As long as there are at least a few different colors of fresh things, I’m good. I’m a big fan of just different vinegars and spices as dressing as well – less is more!

  12. says

    salads are my favorite ever!! Avocado is always a must..and I barely use dressing if I have the right mix-ins!!! Like you said…avocado..haha!!! Lately it’s all about zucchini (either diced or spiralized), chopped cherry tomatoes, microgreens (spring mix), baked tempeh crumbles OR falafel, sunflower seeds, and sprouts. So amazing.

  13. Maddy says

    I loooooove salads! Not a day goes by where they don’t find a way in to my meals :) I started getting really creative salads with tons of different veggies, roasted, grilled, beans, avocado, quinoa, seeds, cranberries, all these great add ins! I actually made my Australian meat eating dad fall inn love with them! I now pack his lunch every day for work and I’ve even had to make some of his co workers a “Maddy” salad, they’ve become very popular. Apparently they all gather ’round the desk to see what’s in the salad today :)

  14. says

    I love salads too, obv! :) I have at least one a day. I add anything to mine, no rules for salad making in my book! Haha! And I agree, restaurant salads are usually too small, or lack ingredients! We could teach them a thing or two!

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