fig smoothie

hello friends,

here is a smoothie that we have been enjoying lately…mainly after we workout.

Fig Smoothie

Fig Spirulina Smoothie

Check out our guest post over at Healthy Tasty Cheap to get the recipe! Promise it is one you don’t want to miss.

For another great fig smoothie check out our video here! Enjoy!

Twins Question: Have you ever had frozen figs in your smoothies? Do you like figs? What is your favorite way to enjoy figs? Do you have a favorite summertime smoothie?

frozen figs are so good and make perfect creamy smoothies

till next time,


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  1. says

    Hi loves!!!!!

    Ok, I have heard of and seen a lot of smoothie combos but never figs! looks very good! I like fig newtons, so maybe I will like this? haha!

    Happy Weekend! xoxo <3

    p.s. love you girls to pieces, seriously need to meet up one day!!!!!!!

  2. Bianca says

    I love figs on a buckwheat blini- thats my favorite way; but I will definitely be trying some frozen figs in my next smoothie!

  3. Claire says

    Hey ladies!

    Have you ever used dried figs (soaked first) in a smoothie? Do you think this recipe would work using them? It can be difficult to find fresh figs in where I live in Wisconsin, especially for less than $5 for a pint!

    Have an AWEsome day

  4. mandy says

    Yum, I love figs but they are expensive here, not sure if I could “waste” them in a smoothie. Just curious how much spirulina you put in, your photo is such a lovely colour. maybe I’m a bit heavy handed with mine, it always makes my smoothies the colour of pond-scum – or so my son thinks!!!!

  5. marmar says

    I LOVE figs!! But can only get them dried around me. Could you use dried figs? If so, would you change anything?

    • purelytwins says

      Marmar we would not recommend dried figs, but may try soaking them before using in smoothie. Not sure dried figs will provided the same creamy texture.


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