a little addictive

hello luvs,

you may be wondering what I am talking about. it is something that is new for us. we have never had this before till recently.

what is so addictive?

well, I will tell ya


Yep! that is it. the love addiction started when we went home to Florida for July 4th. I can not even really remember how it got started but once Lori and I had it we were hooked! almost like our love of hot foods lately.

it is so good. we have been putting it on everything.

we found a brand in the store that we have been using on our salads, flatbreads, sauerkraut, veggies … just about on anything.


than Lori and I realized – let’s make our own!

Salsa verde is a great salad dressing!

the amazing Katie had a recipe and that is where our today’s blog inspiration comes from.

the other day when we went to the farmers market we were thrilled to see local tomatillos.

so we grabbed some along with a few of the other ingredients like garlic, semi-hot peppers and onions. we already had on hand the greens and limes.

and we got to work.


these recipe was extremely easy to make! definitely planning on making it myself from now on. the one thing that we did not really like about the store bought one is that it contained sugar! so our homemade version does not. perfect

another great thing about this recipe is that the ingredient list is short (all natural wholesome ingredients) and  is automatically gluten-free,vegan and can be easily made raw!

thanks Katie for the recipe inspiration! we are in love!

we are off to go enjoy our salsa verde. yes we are slightly addicted to it.

Twins Question: Have you ever had salsa verde? If so, do you make it yourself? Are you addicted to anything new lately? (doesn’t have to be food related)

till next time,


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21 Responses to a little addictive

  1. YUM! This looks so delicious — I love that you made an uncooked version; it really helps the colors pop. Thanks so much for being inspired by humble little recipe :) Can’t wait to try your version now! xo

  2. Kat says:

    I love salsa verde! I make my own sometimes, but there is one store bought brand I love!

  3. yum i would love that! never made it but i made my forked smashed guac last night to accompany our tri tip and asparagus on the grill! i love spicy food! lately, i’ve been addicted to kickboxing. even though i’m only doing it 2x a week i think about it all the time haha, it’s just so energizing and i feel like a million bucks afterward!

  4. Charissa says:

    Oh, I’m totally like that. I’ll get addicted to something and it goes on everything for the next forever…and then suddenly I just stop. I love green pestos and salsas…and then I’m into the evil ketchup and peanut butter. Haha, well…life is all about balance, right? :)

  5. frontera’s salsa verde is so good! the Chicago restaurant itself is quite fantastic as well :-)

  6. Oh my goodness. Salsa verde is the best! Have you ever been to Moe’s? They have a salsa bar, and it was the first place I tried it. I am a huge fan of cilantro, and it is heavenly :D

  7. Beth says:

    I love salsa verde! My aunt also gave me the recipe for a jalapeno salsa that I love. It’s very, very green and made with, like, a pound of jalapenos. But delish! It looks a lot like this, actually. Also addicting!

  8. Jin says:

    this looks great! funny, now I am craving for some homemade red salsa *yum* – I am just so lazy when it comes to peeling tomatoes :) it takes a lot of time and my kitchen is always a mess afterwards…

  9. Christine M. says:

    Yep! I made some myself a couple of weeks ago, to serve over fried eggs (I’m not vegan) and avocado. Sooo tasty…

  10. Crysta says:

    I love salsa verde too. I have an amazing cranberry salsa that I love at the moment. It all raw which is a plus! It has orange in it! YUM! I have always been a little bit intimidated by those little tomatillos in their skins. Are they hard to peel?

    • Pure2 says:

      Crysta, our tomatillos were not hard to peel at all. In face the skin feel right off, not sure if that means they were really ripe or not.

  11. Laura says:

    since you are in love with salsa verde…you should definitely try the recipe in the Cafe Gratitude cookbook…amazing and easy!

  12. this totally looks addictive!!!! never had it before…what rock have I been living under????

  13. Maria says:

    Hi, the name of the peppers you are refering as semi-hot are “serrano”, as we call them in Mexico.

  14. Anthony says:

    I hate to admit, but I had never heard of salsa verde. I was drawn to it because of the ingredients and the color, so I decided to take a stab at making it – I enjoyed it and like other posters mentioned, I have put it on many different foods to give them an extra “kick”.
    Anthony recently posted..Calories In A Cup Of Tea Can Stimulate Weight Loss – Fact Or Fiction?My Profile

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