getting fit for my wedding

Yesterday Michelle and I did not follow our Strong is Sexy Challenge schedule…we were a little stressed and emotional. We decided to take a personal day and took the day off from working out.

First let us rewind to Monday, we did the workout that Casey had planned. The Sexy Pain workout from bodyrock tv. A great 12 minute interval workout.  We started with a 6 minute jump-rope interval as our warm-up.

michelle with jump rope

We set our Gymboss Interval Timer to 10 and 30 second intervals for 9 rounds. Each interval we try to do a different move while jump roping, like high knees, jumping jack, etc.

After the workout we did go for a 15 minute brisk walk outside.

Monday’s affirmation is worth repeating:

I am perfect exactly as I am!

Great piece of advice. One that we do need to remind ourselves from time to time.

This morning we did the Amazing Abs workout. One of our favorite abs workouts from bodyrock tv followed by a little stretching.

We really love the fast pace of this interval workout. For this amazing ab workout we set our Gymboss Interval Timer to 9 rounds of 10sec/10sec intervals, with no break in between.  You really have to move fast from one exercise to the next.  And the workout is broken into 3 parts.

Today’s affirmation:

I am courageous, confident, and capable!

It really helps saying this little words of encouragement before doing our workouts plus saying it through out the day. We think we will keep doing them even after the challenge is over.  They help us focus!

I am really going to try to challenge myself each week not only with my daily workouts but with my eats too! I feel it is a balance of both great exercise and good eats that will make or break my physique that I want for my wedding!

yes I know no Vibrams, we wear them every other day, still breaking them in

Though, as much as I have that goal in the back of my mind, Michelle and I really try to do our best everyday with it all. Because we want to look our best (and be fit) everyday. This is our personal goal. I do want to be FIT for my wedding. Is that a bad thing?

This Strong is Sexy fitness challenge is really helping me think about how I am going to get in shape (more in shapeI am still not where I would like to be) for my wedding. Time for me to be focused on my goal of being a fit bride :)  Any other brides out there doing the same thing?

Twins Question: What affirmation helps you get through your day? What do you do to stay positive and happy all day long? Do you like saying affirmations? Do you feel they help?

Do you ever feel you go through a fitness period of not seeing anymore results? What do you do about it?  Any other brides to be out there working out hard to be fit for your big day?

till next time, xoxo



  1. says

    Lori…you look so amazing! Both you girls do! Zuzanna is really doing you guys justice!!! I can not wait to finally get my gymboss. I’ve said before I’ve been following Body Rock since 09 but only really incorporated her moves into my routine. Now that I have no time to workout, it’s so perfect her HIIT routines!!!

    I worked hard to be fit for my wedding. I felt that I was so stressed I actually gained a couple pounds though. Don’t get me wrong, I was in amazing shape at my wedding…but it was just funny that stress actually played a role in the not seeing better results part!

    I love your daily affirmations. I don’t do that enough. Now more than ever…recovering from giving birth…I need to remind myself of these things!!!!

  2. says

    I definitely feel like I go through a fitness period where I don’t see results. I think that is mostly when I get stuck in a rut of doing the same things over and over again – which is why I’m glad your talk about BodyRock has gotten me into that! I feel like I’ve been working a different muscle group every day and am always doing new moves!

  3. carrie says

    Right now my computer backdrop has a card that says “If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.” Somedays it motivates me more than others :) I feel like I’m in a bit of a fitness slump right now so I signed up for my first 5k. I’m not a runner…but I’m motivated by the new challenge (and that i will be running with other people instead of quietly on a treadmill)

  4. says

    I go through fits (hehe) of feeling fit. I find that I need to focus on what I am eating – making sure I am fueling myself right – when that happens. I think you are doing great! And you will be a stunning bride!

  5. says

    You are beyond awesome, and already look gorgeous and fit! I’m going through a bit of a down, where I’ve started gaining weight again, after losing it all a year ago. It’s hard to find the balance right now, and lately I’m not very motivated. But bodyrock has certainly saved the day here and there! Amazing Abs is one of my favorites :-)

    • says

      Thanks Rachel! And it hard to get the right balance of it all to keep that weight off. I am glad that bodyrock has helped you :) it has really helped us! xoxo

  6. says

    You definitely look amazing and wedding-ready! To stay fit for my own wedding (in April), I signed up to do my first half marathon in October. It’s really made me start a regimen of running (something I used to do a lot) and I feel better than I have in a long time!

  7. says

    I think the best way to break out of an exercise rut is switching things up, for sure. Our bodies are designed to make activities we do repeatedly easier, so I always try to change at least one thing about my work out everyday! Even if it’s just a bench press, there are many ways to alter movements to make them more challenging or simpler for the days when we need a break. You guys look like you’re in great shape already, but I know what you mean…there are always higher mountains to climb. :)

  8. says

    Hi Lori, I’m putting my hand up to “Who’s trying to be a fit bride?” – been trying to get fit and a flatter stomach for my wedding. Lori, you look really amazing already so I can’t imagine what specific goals you might have. I am trying to be really healthy and clean with my diet to help with my fitness regime (I stick with short cardio sessions and resistance training; put the pause on running). Sometimes I find this increased “strictness” challenging, like I feel wanna just be a sloth and eat junk food. I find that I tend to “slip up” every two weeks or so of being really good so maybe my new found enthusiasm for getting fit for my wedding was too much? I don’t know. I think I should kind of ease up a little. Sorry for this comment turning out to be a bit negative but all in all I hope that by stepping up my fitness regime would continue even after my wedding. It’s just a catalyst to improve that part of my life.

    • says

      No worries, I totally get what you are saying. I feel my stress over getting fit is causing issues as well. I go through periods as well when I am really good and than slip up, it happens. I think you have a great plan and attitude for finding your fitness regime!

  9. says

    I wish that i would have discovered the way i live my life now before my wedding day. Not that I was overweight on that day, just not as happy with my body as I am now. Its a big pressure but Im so glad you are getting fit the right way with the right mind set! I have to switch up my workouts often because I become complacent (spelling?) and dont see results. I see the best results when I am really trying hard to eat well! all the good green stuff! anyhow, you look fantastic and wil be stunning in your wedding dress!

  10. says

    You look absolutely fantastic, and rock-solid fit too! But of course you want to make extra special efforts for your wedding: I just hope you know that you’ll look fantastic no matter what.

    I wish I could be more regular with affirmations: I run myself down so much that it would be really good counter-work to consciously say some affirmations.

    I seem to be coming out of chronic fatigue and have been working out _so hard_ these past few weeks, and still hardly seeing any results. Maybe my body’s still figuring it all out metabolically speaking–it’s a slow learner after such a long ED period I guess.

    Who plays guitar???
    Do you have a recommendation for a good jump rope? I’ve been thinking of trying to add that in too.

  11. says

    First of all CONGRATS on your big day – so exciting! And I love your affirmations. I’ve been doing affirmations/mantras lately, and they change depending on what I’m focusing on. Affirmations really work, isn’t it amazing? The power of positive thinking!

  12. says

    I use affirmations quite a lot, I find they really help me to feel good about myself and stay focused! I have had periods of seeing no results which tends to lead me to changing up my workouts completely – than has usually resulted in getting back on track thank goodness! Good luck with your wedding :-)

  13. says

    I got married about a year and a half ago, and I mostly just did yoga (I was doing a 30 day Bikram challenge) with some strength training. That was the exercise phase I was in then. But nothing is as great as walking down the aisle knowing you are rocking your dress :) not to mention the everyday benefits and feeling great that come with working out and eating well!

  14. Katherine says

    Yes! I love this post. I am getting married September 2012 and I am working hard to get in shape for my big day. I have started doing more cardio intervals and have amped up my strength training as well. I want to be sure to eat and workout in a way that I can maintain, so that I am able to keep up my routine for many years beyond my wedding and honeymoon.

    • says

      Katherine, sounds like a great plan! I agree with you in being able to keep up the routine beyond my big day. Congrats to you, and I know you will look fabulous at your wedding!

  15. Kaycee S.P. says

    YES YES YES!!! I just got married last weekend (September 3rd) and I was doing the exact same thing. (pardon me, my name is Kaycee and I’m new to your blog but I’m in love already lol) I was already trying to eat right and exercise before he proposed, but I wanted to kick it up a notch when he did. And now that it’s all over, I still want to keep going!
    Health and wellness is an absolute addiction that i do not want to be rid of.
    Thanks for having such an awesome blog!!!

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