Hot bodies

We wasted no time getting back into our workout mode after a fun and relaxing weekend. It was really nice to have a weekend where we could really relax and let go. Just live in the moment and enjoy it to the fullest!

Bodyrock was the workout of choice, we did the hard bodies getting harder workout.

We grabbed our Gymboss Interval Timer and happily went to work.

Nothing like an intense workout to get our butts in gear.

It was nice taking a few days off, but yesterday’s workout felt really nice. Almost a little enjoyable to get the body moving again.

We also have updated our workout page, which has been forever since we have.

Love how we can go back and look at what we did (or did not do). Helps keeps us motivated to exercise daily if possible. And now with a wedding we are both determined to stay on track more!! Hopefully by us announcing here will help too.

Twins Question: What helps get you on track with your workouts? Do you write it out? Share it with others? Or do you do best with no plan, just do what you can whenever?

speaking of workout, time to go do one this morning…

Till next time

P2R twins


  1. Christine M. says

    Well, I do Crossfit and feel guilty if I don’t attend my scheduled classes (unless I’m sick/hurt, of course). When I’m there, there’s such an amazing energy, a synergy of encouragement and competition. Very addictive. :)

  2. Lauren says

    I have 3 kids so I pretty much get my workouts in whenever I can… not much planning here! :) but I’m training for a marathon which is coming up here in a couple weeks, so it helps knowing that I HAVE to get in at least 5 good workouts a week. I always plan on 5k races to keep me motivated!

  3. says

    I stay motivated just by the fact that I start going bonkers without my daily dose of endorphins ;) Hehe. I find that when I feel physically strong, I feel mentally strong, so when I lose motivation I remember that and head out the door!

  4. says

    I’m currently trying to figure out to get back on top of my workouts. I tried writing it out for the week…and then I skipped it yesterday! whoops! I think doing it in the early AM and meeting a friend is the best way to get back on track. Can’t skip if you’re meeting someone!

  5. says

    My workouts typically depend on my goals, like if I’m training for a race or something. I wrote a post recently about my current “intuitive” exercise plan. It’s working great for me at the moment!

  6. says

    Can’t wait for the Mallomars recipe! Those look so good! I like to plan me workouts out, not like a crazy lady, but have a game plan in my head. If I just show up at the gym not having a plan then I don’t feel as motivated and can easily noodle around. I like to mentally prepare myself. I don’t like to have things thrown at me at the last minute! :)

  7. Hedei says

    What keeps me on track is my trainer and my siblings, they remind me everyday that I should be headed to the gym and that my hard work really is paying off :)

  8. says

    I’m away on vacay at the moment and the way I stay on track is… just willpower I’m afraid! I know how rubbish I’ll feel if I DON’T work out so it gets me bouncing up at 5.30am to get in a body weight circuit before everyone else rises!

  9. says

    Michelle and Lori, do you guys live in Charlotte?? I live here now too! i couldn’t tell from the post if your parents live here or if you guys live here, or if neither and you both just took a weekend away to visit Charlotte?

  10. says

    Hey! I was wondering what you would recommend for someone wanting to start on bodyrock to begin with from your personal experience. I should also mention that I have no equipment (yet!). Any suggestions would be appreciated, as I am inspired by your posts all the times to try them out!

    • says

      Alyssa- sorry hijacking your comment but I have loooooooooooooads of bodyrock-inspired but K-altered routines!

      Here’s one but do visit my blog and just leave a message if you want any more :)

      Do a ladder- where you do 10 reps, then 9, then 8… until you get to 1

      Allow about 10 minutes for each superset if you’re new: (bodyweight lunges, push-ups) (opposite-knee-to-elbow standing motion, tricep dips) (bodyweight squats, bicycle crunch)

      For exercises where you are doing 2 sides (e.g. lunges or bicycle crunches) do the number of reps on each side. If you don’t have an edge to use for tricep dips then change this for close hands push-ups. All push-ups can be done on your knees until you’re strong enough to goes onto your toes :)

      Hopefully that helps! xxxx

  11. says

    I find I work out much harder/more consistently with friends, or when the exercise is serving a purpose – i.e walking to work, riding to school etc. That way it’s more functional and less of a chore!

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