the celebration continues

First off, wow I am literally in complete awe from all the wonderful comments from my big engagement announcement! I am blown away by all the amazing comments and sweet wishes from our readers and new readers!!!! (one of our biggest traffic days to date, thank you so much!)

There are no words to describe how honored I feel to have such a large group of friends!!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I showed Gary everyone’s comments and he was blown away by the support as well; so again thank you!!!  I am so blessed in so many ways :) Loved hearing how some of you had a very similar story as well…I love hearing how couples meet, get engaged, etc.

But today we have even more to celebrate….yes the celebration continues ;)

We are another year older…happy birthday to us!

We enjoyed our new biscotti flavors this morning….yum!

But what is required: to laugh, smile, and perhaps dance today….we will be!!!

And for our birthday breakfast might come to you as a surprise, LOL


Inspired from this recipe here

Chocolate Mint Chip Chia Pudding:

  • 1 3/4 cup water (or nut milk)
  • 1/2 cup chia seeds
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 2 tsp spirulina
  • 1/2 tsp stevia (we used the green powder)
  • 1/2 tsp peppermint extract
  • splash of vanilla extract
  • sprinkle of cacao nibs

Place all ingredients into large measuring and stir together. Let sit amount 15 minutes or so.



Sooo good!

Birthday plans:

-workout probably something from bodyrock, and might go for a run

-plan a wedding, haha

-maybe a little shopping

-get ready for a fun birthday celebration with friends….and another birthday girl, Happy Birthday Caitlin!!

Be back later with more birthday fun…we just realized we have not made us a birthday cake…better get on that

love the twins


  1. says

    Happy happy birthday girls!

    I always have a birthday BBQ at my parents’ place because they have a pool. Love having a laid back birthday under the sun surrounded by family, friends, and great food!

  2. JW says

    My most memorable birthday celebration was when I was a senior in high school. My Birthday is in December so my family had a guy dress up as santa and bring me balloons and flowers in class. Won’t forget that one!

  3. says

    My favorite birthday celebration had to be the time my mom got “santa” to come to my bday party. I was in Kindergarten. Having a birthday on Christmas Eve is usually not too fun, but that one was awesome!

    Happy birthday, lovely ladies!!

  4. Jami says

    Happy Birthday! My favorite bday celebrations are really just time spent with family and friends! It doesn’t really matter what we do, only that we are doing it together :)

  5. says

    Happy Birthday, ladies!! My favorite celebrations always include friends and family– and usually a really tasty meal. ;)

    I follow you on both Facebook and Twitter, and I’d be MORE than happy to be a taste-tester with your new flavors!!!

  6. says

    Happy Birthday!!! We have birthdays on the same week, mine is on the 29th! (Friday)
    My favorite birthday celebration is going out for ice cream, I just love it and it is always my special request on my birthdays! (I am turning 32 but I will always be a child at heart! Gotta love my ice cream treats!!)

  7. says

    Happy Birthday! So fun! I am totally a follower, you know it!

    My fav recent bday was my hubby taking me antique jewelry shopping where I got to pick out something! Love it. Got a fabulous vintage ring.

    Hope you have a great day!

  8. says

    Happy birthday ladies!!!! My FB and Twitter ID’s are different from my name, we’re already Twitter fans by the by. What do I need to do to ensure I’m successfully entered for the prizes? Super excited, thanks!

  9. says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!!!! I hope you both have an amazing day :) :) You started the day off right with a yummy bfast ;)

    One of my favorite bdays was a big pool party at my house with lots of food, ping pong, hide and go seek in the dark :) It is always a blast to have fun with friends!

    btw, I like you on facebook!

  10. says

    Awwww happy birthday ladies!!!
    My best birthday was this year – the hubs had a surprise party for me and instead of cake and presents we had a tea party and everyone donated to my favorite charity! It was awesome!!!

  11. says

    Happy Birthday ladies!!!! I hope you both enjoy the day. How fun to be able to celebrate together! My favorite birthday celebration is just one that involves being around my whole family. I was in Ireland for my birthday + honeymoon a few years back..that was pretty spectacular too. :) I would love love to try some of your amazing looking eats! mmmm brownie bites

  12. says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michelle and Lori!! :D

    one of my favorite birthdays was this last year – Jason and I went to Vegas, and did not gamble once! we went to visit one of my favorite spas and several AMAZING restaurants. it was bliss.

    I hope you have an amazing day, and that the upcoming year is full of love, laughter and even more success!

    I am following you on twitter and like on facebook – both on both! <3

  13. says

    Ooh this is my dream prize!

    Already following you on all of those things!

    My favourite birthday celebration was my birthday + engagement in NY last year! Best bday of my life!

  14. says

    happy birthday lovely twin ladies!!! have a very beautiful day!!!

    omg…i am still so excited about the wedding…so so so excited for you!!!

    my fave birthdays are always filled with my friends and family…couldn’t ask for anything more…

  15. Joi says

    Happy Birthday Ladies! What a wonderful start to your birthday year. Wow! I hope you both have an amazing day and year. My favorite was my 40th. My sister and mom celebrated with me at the beach and gave me 40 hand written memories about my life. So many made me laugh, many made me cry, but all were beautiful memories! Have a great birthday celebration!

  16. Tess Moore says

    Happy Birthday! I miss ya’ll being in Raleigh but I’m happy you like Charlotte. In our house you get whatever kind of birthday cake you want on your day and the next morning you get to eat birthday cake for breakfast!!!!!!! What could be better!

  17. Casi Leigh says

    Yay, happy birthday and congratulations to you guys! My birthday celebration always felt special because I share mine with my mom–I was born on her birthday!

  18. Michaela says

    Big Big Congratulation both of you and Gary too. Keep this day in your memorries. Then the big day of your marriage will come then the day when your child will be born ………My eyes gets wet I think of my husband who I love love love and my baby our beautiful angel.

    I like your recipies, but I can find goog pepermint flavour what kind do you use? Or can I substitute mint leaf?

  19. says

    It’s my birthday too, 29th! :) I started my day with a gluten-free brownie topped with peanut butter and a bike ride, AND I won an eBay auction for a pair of Keen shoes at half off the retail price. I’m on top of the moon today!

  20. says

    Happy Birthday ladies! Sounds like you have a great birthday planned! My favorite birthdays as a kid were when we would have them at Putt Putt Golf (miniature golf). I remember those more than anything. Nothing really special other than just being with my friends having a great time. I hope you both have an incredible day!

  21. says

    Happy Birthday Ladies!! I have a twin sister as well and our birthday is on Halloween. Every year is filled with fun, everyone is up for celebrating, I can’t really pick a favorite :)

    Have a special day!

  22. Sharla says

    happy birthday! and congrats on the engagement :)
    i just like to spend time with the people i love on my birthday (: doesn’t matter what we do!

  23. Faith says

    Happy Birthday!! I love birthdays and making a big deal about them. My favorite birthday celebration was a surprise party my boyfriend threw me. My family lived in another state and they secretly flew in and they were waiting to surprise me at the restaurant when I got there! Enjoy your special day!!!

  24. says

    Hi ladies – wishing you a wonderful birthday!!! We are the same age and my mom is a twin – similarities? lol ;) My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is to make a raw birthday cake (for my own birthday, as well as friends and family). I find people are so impressed with how delicious raw vegan cakes are, that they prefer it over regular SAD versions. Hope you ladies get to have some raw dessert on your special day!

  25. Amanda says

    Sorry I don’t have a twitter account! Anywho, last year for my birthday my husband took me to Teatro Zinzanni, an amazing interactive dinner/theater experience. It was a blast. This year, he will be running the 1/2 marathon I was planning on doing, but can’t because I’m pregnant. I think it will be the best birthday gift yet!

  26. Amanda says

    OH! And happy birthday! And congrats to Lori! I’m so happy for you :) Gary sounds like a really great guy, and you 2 make the cutest couple.

  27. says

    Happy birthday, you two!
    For my last birthday, I celebrated with my friends at a restaurant. I usually celebrate with my family, but this year, I was away from home. My birthday is in the middle of January, so more times than not, it snows on my birthday! In fact, it was snowing when I was born :)

  28. says

    Happy birthday girls!! Wishing you blessings, happiness, success, and more fairy tales :)

    My mom’s birthday, my dad’s birthday, and my birthday all fall within a week of each other, so, growing up, the whole week was like a big celebration in our house. My husband’s bday is just a couple of weeks after mine, and instead of getting each other gifts, we like to use the money we would spend on gifts to plan a nice weekend away or a really special night out. I can’t imagine a birthday without cake, though. That is non-negotiable!

    Thanks :)

  29. says

    I am following you guys on twitter!

    My favorite birthday celebrations is being a little spoiled and spending as much time as I can with my husband. My birthday is in a few weeks and I am looking forward to a big dinner out with all my friends!

  30. ashley nicole sauls says

    hello, my loves! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! mine is on Saturday. what a fun time of year to celebrate (and hopefully win a giveaway!!!!). My favorite celebration is the spontaneous surprises that my friends and family are in my life during this time. The special treats…Here’s to another year of youuuuuuuuu!

    Happy wedding planning too ;) and eat PLENTY of desserts today!


  31. says

    Yay, Happy birthday!

    I’m excited for your wedding plans: my husband’s daughter is getting married and she does better with gf/no dairy/no eggs, so I’m trying to brainstorm a good cake for her. She thinks she wants cupcakes. I’d love to brainstorm with you guys.

  32. says

    Congrats again :) Just liked both of your pages on Facebook (I can’t believe I hadn’t yet, so I guess it’s good thing you pointed out they were there!)

  33. says

    Favourite birthday celebration? It’s what lots of people have said already: a low-key birthday with friends and family is always the best :) Actually, my fondest birthday memory is that my dad would always make me an “oeuf a la coque” (which I think translates to a “3 minute egg”?) with dipping toast for breakfast for every birthday I’ve lived at home. The point is that the egg is suppose to represent life… and it always made me really happy to start my day that way :)

  34. JessicaL says

    Wow! One thing after another, you both should have one huge celebration!! I have a twin brother and any birthday with him is great, but our 20th birthday was probably the best. We had a huge snow storm, so we couldn’t go to the store to buy a cake. Therefore we decided to make an ice cream cake from scratch. It turned out tasting like flavored ice, but it was funny and I will never forget out improv! I actually shared this website with a friend who eats some raw foods along with me. Our favorite raw dessert is cashew cheesecake- you guys should make that as your birthday cake!

    Have a blast! What will be celebrated tomorrow? Haha

  35. says

    My fav birthday celebration? Probably camping!! It’s my all time favorite thing to do and what better way to celebrate than to spend time with your kids, husband, and family?? Perfect! Love the mountains, hiking, campfires, bundling up, and hearing my kids laugh. That’s my perfect birthday.
    Thanks for the chance to win! I follow you on FB and on Twitter too!

  36. says

    Happy birthday lovely ladies!!

    I show a lotta love via Twitter/Facebook for the bakery :)

    Fav birthday celebration had to be this year’s birthday cabaret. I was surrounded by amazing people, doing what I love with one of my very best friends in a pretty amazing dress with yummy cake and music!! Best. Birthday. Ever.


  37. Meghan says

    HAPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! and congrats on the engagement that is so exciting what a whirlwind your life has been recently!
    So, my last Birthday was my 21st and I was in the middle of final exams and never got to celebrate with my friends or really anyone :( That being said today was my last day of class for the semester, so I am about to start exams again and would love love love some twin surprises to help me power through the long nights that await me.

  38. says

    Happy b-day Michelle and Lori. I hope it’s fabulous.

    Of course I like you all on FB and Twitter! I think my favorite b-day celebration is the party that I help throw for Isaac’s 25th b-day. It was at his favorite bar and we had a complete blast!

  39. says

    Happy birthday lovely girls!!
    I never make a big deal about my birthday, I usually don’t tell anyone haha. My favourite birthdays have been the low key ones with my close friends and family.
    I hope you two have a beautiful day :)

  40. Melissa says

    Every year, my mom and I go out to my favorite Mexican restaurant for my birthday and get veggie fajitas and margaritas! Happy birthday to you both!!

  41. says

    Happy Birthday lovely ladies. I hope you’re having a fabulous time celebrating together.

    I liked your pages, of course, and already follow you on twitter.

    I would love to actually try your treats after reading about them for so long. Your photos are excellent appetite enhancers :)


  42. says

    HAPPY birthday LOVES!!!!!!!! I hope you girls have the best birthday ever! You both deserve it!!!

    Cant wait to see what birthday cake you have!!

    xoxo <3

  43. says

    Happy birthday to you both! You ladies continue to inspire and motivate me each day with your great posts, recipes, workout habits and deep thoughts. I am so happy to have gotten know you through blogging and look forward to many more good things to come! Have a great day!!

  44. says

    Happy Happy Birthday!

    Every year for my birthday, my dad makes my favourite meal (still!) – even when I went vegan, he figured out how to make it totally vegan. I usually go out with friends afterward. Its a great tradition.

  45. says

    Happy Birthday! I liked both on FB
    one of my favorite birthdays was going to Disney World with my dad a few years ago (26th birthday) – it was awesome to feel like a kid again!

  46. says

    I’m hoping that my next birthday celebration is my favorite–planning to have fun at my city’s “fete nationale” party.

  47. says

    Happy birthday Twins!
    My favorite birthday celebration was when my boyfriend wouldn’t tell me where we were going or what we were doing. He started off the night by giving me a beautiful cross necklace with a diamond in the middle, then drove me all the way to a big city, where he had dinner and hotel reservations. When we were sitting outside for dinner in the “square” my friends arrived! he had planned for them to come and surprise me. we all finished the night together. it was grand! Congratulations on the engagement =) =)

  48. says

    Happy birthday to you both!
    My favorite birthday was probably my fourth – my family completely decked our house out in pink and I got a HUMONGOUS homemade heart-shaped cake. Birthdays seem to have lost their spark for me, though.

  49. says

    yay for birthdays and more celebrations! Happy Birthday girls!

    I love all my birthdays really so any time I get to just celebrate life with my family is a good day. :)

    I follow you on fb and twitter (are these supposed to be separate comments?)

  50. says

    Happy birthday!! I am off to like your bakery on FB (although I think I already might). My fave bday celebration is when my hubby wakes me up with Coconut ice cream in bed!!! :D What a catch ;-)

  51. Kara says

    My favorite birthday memory is going skydiving with my dad. We received gift cards to go skydiving on a birthday 2 years prior and finally worked up the nerve to do it! It is the most exhilarating experience EVER!!! Happy Birthday twins and congrats Lori! I am a huge fan and already follow both of you on facebook and twitter!! Have a great and exciting day!

  52. Janet says

    Happy Birthday! My favorite birthday was spent with my sister also. We’re twins born 5 yrs. and 6 mos. apart!

  53. says

    Happy Birthday Michelle and Lori!

    My favorite birthday celebration is to spend time with my loved ones without work getting in the way! :)

  54. says

    Happy birthday, girls!! My favorite birthday may be the one I had last September, where my husband planned a fun day for me (horse back riding in the woods, a Mediterranean restaurant, Whole Foods shopping, etc) and then the next day he surprised me by having my family waiting at the end of my 20 mile run… and THEN we all went back to our condo where every one of my relatives had prepared a dish made from one of my recipes that they had gotten from my blog! I thought that was so sweet!

  55. Kristin S. says

    My favorite part about birthdays is getting the family together! I’m only 22 but family means so much to me. When most people my age go out to party and drink on their birthday I stay home and have dinner and cake with my family and then play games:) Corny maybe but memorable yes:)

  56. Maddy says

    Hi girls! Happy birthday and congratulations again Lori!! My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is spending time with my family and baking or “raw”ing Haha some delicious birthday treats! My favorites are something with pumpkin and chocolate. I also love sunrises :) for my grandma’s birthday who lives in North Carolina, we have a family reunion, take her out to a different restaurant each night, tell the waiter it’s her birthday and have them come out and sing with a cake. Her stern” I can’t believe you’re doing this face” never fails to grace the dinner table, but she loves it and I love her :)

  57. Anu says

    Happy birthday to both of you! My favorite birthday was in 2008. I had the chance to celebrate in London and it just happened to be my 21st! So much fun!

  58. says

    Happy birthday! It is my half birthday as well :) I follow both pure2raw and twincakes on twitter.
    I did a nice 13 mile run on my last birthday and it was wonderful! I got to zone out and get in my “me” time while enjoying some beautiful scenery. Other than that, I love a shopping trip or a nice dinner. I hope you both had a fantastic birthday!

  59. Teresa says

    Happy Birthday Lori and Michelle! I’m so down with the Chia pudding- one of my favorite ways to start any day! I love reading the blog and am glad that you ladies are having a wonderful birthday. I think that birthdays are great because of that “magical” feeling you get from others making you feel special all day. Enjoy some cake- looking forward to tomorrow’s recap!

    ps- I “like” both pages on facebook

  60. says

    My faaavorite birthday celebration was when I was a youngster and I’d just have family parties at a park :D It was simple and FUN! I’d run around and get out of breath, rolling down hills and getting dirty, then I’d open presents and eat cake with my cousins – life was so nice and simple :D

  61. Alyssa says

    Happy Birthday, you two! :)

    I was born on July 3rd, so I love to lay a blanket out on the cool, dewy grass at night and watch some 4th of July fireworks with family, friends, and my wonderful boyfriend!

  62. says

    My favorite birthday celebration was going out for Italian and getting lots of veggies with sauce, accompanied by my (then) boyfriend who gave me the double book set of Julia Child’s cookbook, after we saw “Julie and Julia.” I especially loved it because my name is Julia so there’s a little more meaning to it, and inside he wrote “to MY Julia, happy birthday.” I thought that was pretty darn cute. Happy Birthday to you both may today be the best birthday to date! Oh, and I’ve been reading ofr a while but for some reason I couldn’t figure out how to comment. Oops, well now I will because I love so many of your recipies and I am an aspiring raw baker as well. I wish you only the best!

  63. Michelle says

    Happy Birthday! I can’t choose one favorite celebration, but any birthday that I have spent with my family and friends with lots of good food and laughter has been amazing.

  64. Lauren G says

    My favorite birthday celebration was my 27th Birthday last year. I spent 5 days in Mexico with my boyfriend! Our birthdays are 7 days apart and we had a wonderful time and grew our relationship even more!

  65. Heather says

    Happy Birthday and congrats on your engagement! My favorite birthday memory, my husband and my mom conspired to fly her out for a surprise. They walked into my work to pick me up for lunch. It was amazing!

  66. Katherine says

    My birthday is in February, so my favorite birthday memory involves being snowed in with wine and a delicious meal of Mexican food <3

  67. Shannon says

    Happy Birthday and congrats!! Birthdays are so much fun…especially when they are spent with family and good friends! My mom and I have the same birthday so we always spend it together…lunch on the beach (we live in South Florida) and a movie or shopping and dinner with the fam. It’s always a blast!

  68. Lauren says

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations!!! My favorite birthday was last year; I was living in NYC, it was my first year out of college and I felt completely free and happy :)

  69. says

    Happy belated birthdays, my dears!! I hope it was absolutely fabulous :) I liked both pages on FB and was already following both Twitters! And I think this year’s bday celebration took the cake…I had dinner at Pure Food and Wine one night, followed by dinner at Candle 79 the next!!

  70. Callie says

    My favorite birthday celebration occurs when my parents wake me up in the morning with a tray of gluten-free/vegan treats!

  71. Cellabella says

    Happy Birthday!! You guys are so awesome for having a giveaway on your own birthdays :) One of my favorite birthday celebrations was when my husband took me up to LA to a “fancy” restaurant and then we watched Wicked! Loved it all :)

  72. Arun says

    Happy birthday! My favorite birthday celebration was when my family planned a surprise party for me. It was great!

  73. says

    Happy (day late) birthday!

    My all-time favorite birthday was my 18th, when my best friend and I decided to celebrate being “grown up” by finding a refrigerator box and drawing on it so it looked like a pirate ship before sitting in said pirate ship while talking like pirates for a good hour or so.

  74. Sarah says

    I am following you on all of those things. I love your website and always look forward to trying out your favorite recipes. :)

    My favorite thing to do each year on my birthday is go out for breakfast. I love getting up early in the morning before the world is hustling and bustling, and enjoying breakfast delicacies and coffee with friends.

  75. says

    I’ve had lots of great birthdays, but I’m not sure many stand out that much to me. Last year’s was a fun night of friends, food, and cake for sure! I also had a fun 21st b-day with my roommate in college going out on the town!
    I liked you guys on Facebook(not sure why I hadn’t already!), and follow you on Twitter!

  76. carrie says

    happy birthday! i think this year was one of my best bdays… NYC and a big dinner at Pure Food & Wine…mmm. very happy to share the birthday month with you two! (im april 2nd) oh – and i already follow you on Twitter (but of course!). now eat lots of cake!!!

  77. Rosalind says

    Happy happy birthday!! I think my fav birthday, weirdly enough, was my 6th birthday party. My parents let me have a sleepover party with all my friends and I just remember being out-of-my-mind excited and happy the whole time. Nowadays, celebrations are much more low-key, but still enjoyable :)

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