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Hey friends,

I wanted to share a little more about the diet changes I am making. *side note I hate the word diet, but for now it will work for my candida healing journey

Over these past two weeks I have started to really cut out all forms of sugar – including fruit. Now, some days I have had some, but my big goal is to cut fruit out completely, at least for this month.

One problem with the no fruit thing…I had to find something to replace my beloved green smoothies (fruit based). I was a little nervous cutting out my green smoothies, because for about 2 years now they were my breakfast. I love them. And I eagerly look forward to introducing fruit based green smoothies back into my life when my body is ready.

But for now Lori and I have turned our other obsession into our new breakfast :)

We are using our basic avocado pudding recipes but making them bigger by adding more water and lots of greens :)

This avocado green smoothie was filled with water, avocado, lemon juice, kale, fresh ginger (lots of it), cucumber, and a little stevia!

I look forward in starting my days with something so satisfying.

Although, I have to admit it was a little weird to drink my avocado smoothie instead of eating my normal avocado puddings with a spoon.

Twins Question: What is your favorite non-fruit based smoothie?


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    I don’t remember the last smoothie I had, but this one looks absolutely beautiful. I have been thinking a lot about smoothies and am considering putting some in my diet, but I think it has to be warmer for me to do cold stuff like that. I am glad you two found a good alternative!

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      Sarena – we did have some mornings were we did not have a green smoothie due to the cold weather, it can be hard. A lot easier to drink smoothies when the sun is shining, haha :)

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    Every time I have a smoothie my stomach puffs up and hurts for days. Since you both have smoothies on the reg, has this ever happened to you before? I think I need to stay away from them :( Maybe it’s the air from the blender?

    I’m sure you will be coming up with all kinds of cool recipes while on this healing journey :) Good luck!

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      Jackie – what are you putting in your smoothies? that could have an effect (poor food combining) or how fast are you drinking them? There are a lot of factors that could be the problem. It may just be one item in the smoothie that is causing you problems, not necessary that it is a smoothie. Hope this helps!

    • sue says

      jackie, i had the same problem,stomach pain and bloating- which i get from eating certain foods(some nuts do it to me) u do have to experiment with what u put in that smoothie, mite be too much fruit for your body to digest. i posted the other day, cause i had changed the ingredients in my smoothie and added a bunch of swiss chard, when normally i add kale. cant say for sure but i cut back on the swiss chard and the amount of fruit and my stomach is much better.
      also pay attention to how your stomach feels after you go to the bathroom, if you are sore, then something you ate was difficult for your body to digest.

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    Your post came at the most perfect time! I have been having serious skin issues and have been thinking of doing a cleanse. I think cutting sugar is going to be my biggest factor. I noticed you said you cut out fermented foods. I took probiotics and it made my face worse. Did that happen with you?

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      Susan – we took a long break from probiotics supplements, just relied on fermented foods and drinks this past year to help rebuild our good bacteria. But when we started noticing changes, now realized it was due to our candida coming back, we are taking a break from all forms of probiotics to start. When are skin problems were at the worst, it was due to getting off birth control and unbalanced hormones. But I would not doubt probiotics could affect the skin, although most people we have talked with said they noticed a improvement with probiotics, but again not everyone. So maybe take a break, try to cut out sugar like us, and then reintroduce probiotics later on. Good luck!

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    I love putting cucumbers in my smoothies:) They’re light and fresh. Love them! I usually do a combo of spinach, cucumber, almond milk, and carrot! MMM!:)

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    I am doing sugar free (as much as possible…including no fruit) too. My current fave smoothie is 8oz water, 1 head of romaine, 1 big handful of spinach, 2tbsp cacao powder, and stevia….this one needs quite a bit of stevia! But it’s really good.
    Also—8oz water, 1 scoop Vega whole food health optimizer (there’s a tiny bit of sugar in it), 1 scoop sunwarrior, 1 scoop green amazing grass, 1 big handful of spinach…stevia to taste. I used berry vega…and that was really good, but vanilla and choc are also good!

    Good luck finding good combos. I’m in love with avo pudding, and have it everyday (almost)…I don’t know if I’d want to drink it (although I’m sure it was tasty), just because I love eating it so much!

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      Lisa – thanks for the smoothie ideas and yes it is an adjust to drink our avocado puddings, although we still make them a little on thick side, so half pudding/smoothie I guess. Sugar free is going to be an adjust for us.

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    I don’t add sugar to my foods, but I do eat fruits! Interesting to learn about your trial with sugar on your diets.
    Now, one question… isn’t avocado a fruit???!!!

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      Ana – haha yes avocado is a fruit :) but for us we view it more as a fat source than a fruit, and we are allowing them in our candida diet.

  7. carrie says

    i prefer savory green smoothies for breakfast. my usual is: 1/2 cup water, sprouts, 1 tsp of either ground flax or chia seeds, huge bunch of kale, a few collard leaves, 1-2 celery stalks, cucumber, and then either fresh dill or basil, and a squeeze of lemon juice. i swear its delicious! (but i also love your avocado puddings as a snack!)

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    I actually love “savory” smoothies, or blended salads. Greens, broccoli, zucchini, avocado- whatever veg- and lemon, garlic, and cayenne. So maybe it’s not ideal to start the day with garlic breath, but that’s what mint is for :)

    Best of luck with the candida cleanse. Have you looked at The Candida Cure? It’s a great read and a great resource. The doctor I used to work for absolutely swore by it, and I saw amazing results in patients. My favorite recommendation to patients working on curing their candida is raw coconut oil! It has incredible anti-yeast and anti-fungal properties.

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      Emily that savory smoothie sounds great, we love our garlic ;) And yes mint helps fix everything, haha And thanks for the info about Candida Cure we will have to check it out!

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    Hmmmm very interesting, I must try it! I don’t know if I could live without sugar (psychologically) but I really need to try and eliminate more than I usually do. you’ll be good inspiration!

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    I think most of my smoothies are non-fruit based. I have a few great ones on my blog, and irish moss gel, avocado, algae are staples.

    I’m seeing my ND about the yeast thing tomorrow–will let you know!

  11. Marty says

    I experienced massive bloating drinking smoothies and eating raw for 6 mos., when I was finally diagnosed with systemic Candida. So I cut out all sweet fruits, no dates, banana’s, etc., and drinking green smoothies too. Even avo’s bothered me in smoothies, so only 1/2 plain with a little salt when I ate them.

    Green smoothies: reading Victoria Boutenko, less is more. Saying that, shake it up with any of these: fresh fennel or anise, Cilantro, Italian parsley, collards, red chard, any lettuce, cukes, fresh Ginger, garlic, celery, frozen blueberries or cranberries, fresh squeezed lemon, lime or grapefruit juice or pieces, with stevia. I have to add lots of water or half water and unsweetened non-dairy beverage (almond, hemp or coconut milk) because I have a slow digestion.

    I even had to cut out apples, even grannies. Sometimes I add hemp protein powder, bee pollen, spirulina tabs and chia seeds. I mix up a full 2 qt jars (whole VitaMix container), one for breakfast one for lunch and
    after snack. Love green breakfasts, except at -40!

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      Marty I am glad you have found food and smoothies that work with your body now ;) It is a challenge sometimes finding out what works and what is causing issues. And yes less is more!

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    Looks fabulous–I love avocado pudding (and chia pudding, and. . .)so I’m sure I’d like this. Have you tried cooked sweet potato or beet or carrot in your smoothies? Yes, it’s sugar in the form of carbs, but not the same as fruit. And when I first started the anti-candida diet, I found it provided just the right amount of sweetness so that I didn’t feel deprived of fruit. And since cranberries are allowed in phase 1, you can use those raw and add stevia if you use it. :)

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      Ricki – awesome! good to know about beets and carrots, we love those and I thought I would have to give them up too because of their sugar. Now excited to eat them again :)

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    I don’t eat much fruit but frozen or fresh fruit is one thing I need for my daily green smoothies- I LOVE them. I’ve been doing lower sugar by using frozen berries (since, well, they are lower than other fruits). Good luck with your journey! I’m definitely experimenting with mine too… such a process! Never-ending at times, too.
    I love the look of those avo puddings. Such a great green color and such healing ingredients!

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    Wow. I am a little late catching up, but I have been on a modified Candida diet for a few years now, so I know what you’re going through! It’s difficulty at times but always easier with lots of support and inspiration from other food blogs. Welcome to the Candida club!! Excited to see what recipes you have in store for us.

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    Heyhey :)
    I’ve been struggling with the whole no-sugar thing as well, and I haven’t found a great green smoothie for breakfast with no fruit-esp because my body doesn’t do well with cold foods…
    I have, however, been making delicious “cereal” bowls!

    1/2 cup soaked, sprouted, and cooked quinoa
    Freshly made pumpkin seed milk (pumpkin seeds are anti bacterial and parasitic…so grinding them up is better!) …Soaked pumpkin seeds, water, stevia, cinnamon, and vanilla in the blender, then strain out the pulp…
    A tbsp of almond butter
    Sprinkle of bee pollen
    Cinnamon, stevia, and salt on top to taste..( I don’t add any extra stevia..)

    You can play with it too!!
    Yay– gluten free, sugar free, dairy free 8)

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    All of your recipes are awesome. I’ve made a non-fruit “smoothie/frappe” that you might like. If you’re cool with coffee, here it is: I occasionally make my own frozen protein coffee. For one serving, I pile my blender with ice, add a cup of almond milk (plain or vanilla), 1 cup of strong (cold) brewed coffee, 1 heaping tbsp of dark cocoa powder, 1 scoop of unsweetened soy protein powder, stevia to taste (I use 1 tbsp since my powder is unsweetened), and a splash of vanilla extract. I usually add a banana…but sans fruit, that’s it! It should still be good. If your protein powder is flavored or sweetened, omit my stevia. But I hope you enjoy! =)

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